3P’s of Live Streaming

No one can deny the fact that the way to go nowadays is via video. Gone are the days when blog posts are enough. These days, people want video and they want it now. They want authentic and real. They want less curated and edited, more of the instant and live. They want it fast, interactive, and full of information.

This is where live streaming comes into play. Live streaming allows people to share information and events as it happens. It allows people to answer questions right on the spot and to react to comments instantly. However, when things are live, the chances of committing a mistake is big. Here at BeLive, we want to make sure you know the 3 P’s of live streaming.


As with anything, preparation is key. This includes setting up the location of your live streaming and ensuring all equipment that will be used are working well. Nothing drags a good live stream down than faulty signal, wire, or audio.

BeLive lets you use the lower third to let people know your CTA.

You also need to have an outline or a guide of what you will actually discuss. This is something that BeLive can provide for you with our Agenda feature. It guides you while you are streaming so that you will never lose your train of thought. This helps remind you where you are in the discussion, stay on topic, and guide you so that you don’t miss anything important while going live. When people see your live mid-show, they can easily see what the topic is about or what the CTA is.


A lot of people think that since it’s live, they won’t need to practice anymore. Turn on the camera and then start talking. This may be good enough if you are already an experienced speaker or host but if this is the first time that you will be live streaming, it’s better to practice before you actually go live.

BeLive actually has an option that allows you to broadcast only to yourself so that you can check how you look and sound when you go live but not embarrass you should you have a lot of areas for improvement.

Mari Smith is a master at projecting herself well on camera.

Observe how you are when you’re on camera. A lot of people don’t realize that they tend to look everywhere but the camera, they tend to stammer and say a lot of fillers, as well as go off topic. This is why you need to practice until you get these parts down pat.


When you’re already done preparing, practicing, and going live, do not forget to promote. Promotion of your live streaming can come before, during, and after your show. Promotion is how you will be able to reach a wider set of audience.

BEFORE: Promote before you go live by posting about it on the different channels that you have at least two hours before you go live. Tell your audience that you will be going live and give them a hint of what it will be about. 30 minutes before the show, sent a reminder or a teaser of what will be in store for them.

DURING: During your live streaming, there will be people who will be watching. Ask them to share your videos, like, comment, and tweet about it. You can also ask your viewers to subscribe if they like your content.

AFTER: Your live streaming does not end when you hit the FINISH or END button. In fact, things are just getting started. This is the time when you can share your live video on all your channels. You can cut it into bite sized parts for Instagram and Twitter. You can post the link to LinkedIn, upload it to other channels, and share it on your timeline. You can also ask your staff to comment on your video at different intervals so that it constantly stays on top of the newsfeed of different people. This is what you call repurposing.

Live streaming is definitely something that can be maximized for your business. You can use this to tell people about your service, show people how it can be the answer to their problem, and allow people to get to know the people behind the brand. Handled the right way and with the implementation of the 3P’s, live streaming can definitely help you make the most out of video marketing.

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