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5 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas Live Streamers Will Love

As the old adage says, better late than never! It’s not too late to go shopping for a loved one’s present this holiday season.

If you’re looking for a last-minute holiday gift for a live streamer friend or family member, you don’t have to worry. This list got you covered!



Aside from a good computer, live streamers need a microphone that can capture their voices as cleanly as possible. After all, audio is one of the most crucial aspects of a broadcast.

Depending on the brand and quality, you can get a decent USB microphone for about $100 – $200. A Razer Seiren Elite or a Blue Yeti microphone have been recommended multiple times throughout the year. And you can get either one for less than $200!



USB Camera

Aside from audio, video is also vital for live streaming and, unfortunately, most laptop cameras don’t work as well as an external one. A USB camera that can give the best resolution would be perfect for a live streamer!

Logitech cameras deliver HD quality resolutions, most notably the Logitech C920 model. It can be used for both desktops and laptops and can record videos for up to 1080p resolution. Another good choice within the same price range would be Microsoft Lifecam Studio for Business.


Ring Light

Lighting can drastically elevate a broadcast’s quality by a lot! Sure, a full led light setup is every streamer’s dream, but even a simple ring light can make a broadcast better. For a live streamer who’s just starting, having a ring light as a piece of lighting equipment will definitely help!

There are various ring light options to choose from. There’s the standard studio ring light which requires a bit of space because of its size. There’s also a smaller version with a shorter tripod placed on a table, usually used by makeup vloggers. Another option is a selfie ring light that can be used for cellphones or as a clip-on for a laptop’s camera.


Unspillable Mug

Streamers love drinking coffee! But sometimes, having a regular mug next to your equipment can be precarious. Not only will an accidentally spilled coffee on a laptop end a broadcast prematurely, but it may also cost money to repair or replace the affected equipment.

With an unspillable mug or cup, streamers can bring their favorite drink with them during a live without worrying about possible spills or accidents!

Virtually any vacuum-sealed mug or cup is excellent for this purpose, but The Might Mug will stop any type of fall. It won’t topple over even if you hit it!


One Year Be. Live’s Standard+ Plan

Take the gift-giving a step higher with a one-year subscription of Be. Live’s Standard+ Plan! Belivers on the free plan will love an upgrade this holiday. Plus, if you subscribe for an entire year, you can get two months free!

It’s a useful gift for your live streamer loved one, even though it can’t be wrapped or placed in a gift bag. With the package, streamers can expand their community more by broadcasting on Facebook or YouTube.



What gift have you given to a live streamer friend or family member? If you go live yourself, what present have you received that you loved so much? Share your thoughts below!


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