Amazing Green Screen Tools for Your Facebook Live Show

Have you been live streaming for quite some time now and you’re not getting much reactions or engagement? You consistently go live, and you have explored every possible area that you can improve on. You have a checklist where you make sure to check on your microphone, internet connection, background set-up, and your guest. Not to mention, you even give your full energy and a wide smile on the camera, but none of it seems to work.

BeLive’s live streaming host, Joel Comm, interviews Bob Doyle from The Bob Doyle Show where they discussed three cool technologies that you can use for your live stream shows.

Start by getting creative and wow your audience by experimenting with these cool tools that Bob Doyle uses on his live streams.

Face Swap Live

Wouldn’t it be fun to try out real-time face swapping while your live? Face swap live is an app where you can swap faces in live video, or you can choose from the different options available. It has a built-in search functionality that allows you to choose the faces you want. You can also use the faces of your family or friends. Turn your Facebook Live show into a fun playground by switching faces while your interviewing people. Not only is it fun, but it gives a real connection with your audience.

Virtual Reality with Flipside Studio Software

This Animated software lets you create your puppet show together with the use of your VR. Now you can use VR performing real-time on your live shows. Their site offers a lot of choices of characters with backgrounds. It’s like you are having a digital cartoon show. Characters also can create objects out of the air too. Using virtual reality in live streaming through this software brings in curiosity for the viewers and can help you maximize the time for your show.
The magic of live streaming is made even better with these awesome tech tools in what they can do for your live shows. Bringing creative technologies like these draw the attention of their viewers and makes them keep a close eye on what’s next.

Which among these tech tools are you going to use for your next live stream?

Learn more techniques from Joel and Bob by watching the full show:



***This post was taken from Joel Comm’s show at BeLive.TV’s Facebook page and was written by Nichelle Dizon, Social Media Writer at BeLive.TV.

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