Are you maximizing your Facebook LIVE’s Growth Potential?

Are you repurposing your Facebook Live content? If you answered no, is it because it is confusing? Scary? Perhaps you just don’t know how to get started? If you answered yes, how often do you do it and do you think you’re maximizing your Facebook Live’s growth potential?

Today on BeLive Weekly, Live Video Growth Coach Owen Video and Hani Mourra of will be talking about how to leverage LIVE stream replays to grow your audience.

What is repurposing?

Repurposing is taking an already existing content that you created and placing it on other channels or social media platforms so that newer audiences can discover your content. It’s about putting your content to places where people love to hang out online.

There is one caveat when you plan to repurpose your content especially if you plan to switch from audio to video or vice versa. When you design your content or create your run of show, you need to be fully aware that your show will be repurposed as either audio or video so you need to be sure that your live show can be taken in as both.

4 Key Places for Repurposing your Live Stream

Facebook Live. Facebook loves live videos and they will immediately boost your videos more than static images to your network. This is one channel where you need to be creating your videos. Now just because you did your Facebook Live does not mean you can’t repurpose on Facebook itself.

If you did your live video on your page, you can repurpose it by syndicating to Facebook groups or even your own personal timeline. You can check on your archived videos and clip parts of an old video then post it on your wall. This is what repurposing is all about.

YouTube. There is no rule and reason as to why you shouldn’t repurpose your Facebook on YouTube. Create a playlist on your YouTube channel and sort your videos according to the general topics that you discuss so viewers can easily find the topics they would want to watch on your channel. Make sure to utilize keywords as well so you can maximize your search potential.

Blog. You can embed the video into your blog. You own the site and you have the ability to interact with potential customers when you get their email via the email opt-in option.

Podcast. Do not turn every video you have into audio. Choose which part of the video you want to turn into a 5-minute clip. Pro-tip: Plan ahead of time and note down the time stamp so that you save more time and won’t have to go through the entire video just to look for the part of your video that you wanted to turn into an audio.

When you use the BeLive App, it makes it easier to cut clips and tell people what the segment is about because of the Agenda feature which shows on the lower third of the video what is being discussed.

Is repurposing worth the ROI?

Definitely. It may seem tedious in the beginning but once you get the hang of things, you will learn to automate and find ways to cut down on the manual process. You just need to remember that the main purpose of repurposing is for you to reach an untapped set of potential viewers, followers, and customers.

There’s still a ton of tips on how you can maximize your growth potential so make sure to watch the full video below.



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