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Are you utilizing your Facebook Page to get more views on your Facebook LIVE show?

One of the tools that people often forget to utilize when they do video marketing is their Facebook Page. When people see a video you have on their timeline after it’s shared by someone, the chances that they would visit your Facebook Page once they like your content is pretty high.

This is the moment that you need to have an awesome Facebook Page because if you do, they will be more than likely to stay and look at your other videos to know more about your business and brand.

So what can you do to make it happen? Here at BeLive, we have come up with a few pointers to help ensure that you are utilizing your Facebook Page to get you more views during your Facebook LIVE show.

Show’s Title and Value Statement

The most important part of your show is your show’s name and your value statement. When people visit your Facebook page, your show’s title needs to be prominent and your value statement needs to be bite-sized and easy to understand. This is how people will know if your show is the kind of show that they want to watch. With BeLive.TV, you can also use the lower third to have your show’s title present at all times all throughout your live show.

Do image thumbnails matter?

Definitely. Some people click on videos based on thumbnails alone so if you’re using the same image over and over again, this may not be a good thing. People wouldn’t know what the video is about if they don’t read the title and a lot of people tend to focus on visuals alone. Shake the imagery and have a more branded look for your thumbnails on your videos.

Have three main playlists.

When someone goes into your Facebook page and there are so many playlists, it can become too cluttered. When people become confused, the tendency is to leave the page.

When you have three main playlists, it’s easier for people to understand what your page and channel are all about. It’s also easier to sort so that the videos you want to be highlighted can be easily seen.

Facebook Posting Copy

When people start watching your show, your posting copy needs to show all the pertinent information so they won’t have to watch your entire show to know what the content is all about. This does not mean that you need to tell everything but create text that will draw people in so they stay and watch.

What needs to happens when they press play on a video from your Facebook Page?

1st TEN seconds

The first ten seconds of your show needs to be hot, explosive, intriguing, or really catchy. This is because it is only the replay viewers who will see the first 10 seconds of your show. They need to be hooked in and interested enough to push forward and watch your show in full.

You need to hit it with energy because they are coming in after it is live. You need to grab them with a power hook. You need to have a visual and audio hook so that they don’t keep scrolling and stay on your show.

Framing matters.

There should only be room enough for 2 to 3 fingers above your head. Headroom is what gives the impression of comfort. If it’s too much, it can be distracting. If it doesn’t exist, then you’re too close to the camera and chances are, the viewers will see only your face.

Show some text.

Your video should have a lower third that lets people know what you are talking about. You need to show some text on your videos that give people an idea of what they can expect. When you use BeLive.TV, this is easy to do because this feature is already part of what is offered.

If you would like to learn more tips, join our 7000+ community of content creators who are using BeLive.

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