BeLive Award’s Winners and Highlights

One of the most famous lines, whenever anyone does a live show, is “The show must go on!”

This couldn’t be truer than when you are streaming to over a thousand people worldwide via a BeLive Awards Show and this is exactly what happened yesterday when BeLive celebrated its 2nd birthday by honoring BeLivers who have stood out from the crowd.

We had our BeLive Weekly host Owen Video with the talented and gorgeous Fallon Zoe as our main show’s hosts. Our Chief Happiness Officer, Jeff Adams, produced the show. All three hosts were amazing in how they handled all the glitches and crazy moments that make a live show more fun and spontaneous. Best of all, they walked the talk in making every single guest we had to feel like the star that they truly are.

BeLive Awards Highlights

The presence of Team Ukraine, Team Israel, and Team Marketing from the Philippines, USA, and Bangladesh definitely added a personal touch. Using BeLive, we were able to hear from the people behind the scenes. Words of support, love, and encouragement were given by the people who made things happen on the back end. These are also the people that make sure that everything is functioning seamlessly.

Team Israel
Team Marketing: Top — USA and Bangladesh. Bottom: Philippines

The rollout of the LIVE polls. Yes, you read that right. If you didn’t catch the live video or replay, the BeLive Team launched live polls. This means that when you are doing your live show, you can actually ask your audience for real-time feedback on things. You can create as many polls as you want but they can only run one at a time.

Live video tips from the best. For anyone who is in live streaming, we all know that hearing and reading tips from those who walk the walk and talk the talk is a gem. The #BeLiveBirthdayBash was filled with nuggets of wisdom and inspiring words from people who have actually gone through the process of starting out and finally succeeding.

Meeting the Moderators and Ambassadors of BeLive. BeLive also honored the ambassadors who spread the word about BeLive as well as the moderators who make life easier for our BeLive community. They are the ones who welcome new people into the group and continuously answer questions.

BeLive Moderators
BeLive Moderators
Jenny Q in the middle is a BeLive Ambassador.
Host Fallon Zoe with BeLive Ambassador Kary Oberbrunner.

If you want to know who the winners are, we have made a compilation to make things easier for everyone because that’s how BeLive is. We make things easy for you so you can focus on creating awesome content for your business.

Female Entrepreneur Association / Ladies Go Live

Gina K Designs / Mommy Talk Live

PlotterMarie / David Wolfe / Lindsey Elmore / Angela Wolf

Life of Dad / Gloria Mayfield Banks / Carol Tuttle / Major League Fishing

John &Nadya Melton / John Tesh / Social Selling Pro / Eddie Garison

If you’d like to see the entire show and you really should, just click below. Even better, join our 7000+ community of content creators who are using BeLive and be part of one of the strongest communities who are more than willing to help you be the best that you can be.


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