Celebrate your BeLive achievements with a special surprise in Studio2

At BeLive, we believe in celebrating wins: both small and big ones. Most of the BeLivers are entrepreneurs and content creators, and while it’s the most fulfilling calling in the world, it can be hard at times. 

That’s why celebrating wins, especially with your community, is extremely important. It reminds you about the progress you’re doing and why you’re doing what you do. 

For BeLivers, achievements can come in many ways. But we can all agree that it’s all about:

  • Showing up for your community (the number of broadcasts you did since you’ve been using BeLive)
  • The engagement you get from them (the total reactions and comments you got from your BeLive broadcasts) 

The best thing about celebration is to do it with your community.


How to Celebrate Your Achievements with BeLive

Now, you can play a special animation that displays your BeLive achievements during a live show. The special animation shows:


  • The total number of days sine you started your BeLive Journey
  • The total number of broadcasts you created
  • The total number of reactions and comments from all of your broadcasts


BeLive Celebration


Now, I’m sure you’re eager to check it out for yourself and show it on your next live stream. Here’s how you can do that:

  • First, you will receive an email letting you know that your celebration video is now available on the Studio. Click “I want to celebrate now” in the email. 
  • You will then be taken to BeLive Studio2. Note that if you didn’t see the email first, the celebration will still be available on the Studio.
  • On the Studio2, a pop-up will appear that walks you through on how to use it.

BeLive Celebration Pop Up

  • Once you click “Share now,” the celebration animation will play as an overlay on your stream. 
  • You can play the animation at anytime or if you choose not to play it, you can just ignore it for now and play it at a later time.

The celebration doesn’t end there! When the celebration animation is played during your stream, a special link will be displayed on your  broadcast. When people click it, they will get one month FREE when they subscribe for a BeLive plan.


BeLice Celebration 1 month free


Viewers Become Achievers 

Now, people who viewed your show can now just be an achiever like you. They will start creating their own broadcasts, and soon they will have their own celebration animation that they can play on their streams. 

Check your email now and see if your celebration animation is ready. If not, you can keep doing what you do best: go live and engage with your community.

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