BeLive Partners with Epiphan to Make Streaming on the Go Easy and Convenient

Live streaming, especially when you’re in a conference or other live events, shouldn’t be complicated.

BeLive partnered with Epiphan to make live streaming easier than ever when you’re on the go.


How the Webcaster X2 Works

This portable box serves as a dedicated encoder designed from the ground-up for live streaming to social media! You simply need to pair the device just once with your BeLive account and it will remember your settings for all future streams. Convenient right?

Simply turn it on and you’re ready to go live at the click of a button. Using the Epiphan Webcaster X2™ to stream through BeLive allows users to fill the branding gap that current “on the go” options leave. You’ll be able to have your custom frame and logo on the stream just like when you use your computer to go live.

With Webcaster X2’s technology, you will be able to live stream any HDMI camera, mixer, or other video source (1080p or 720p) to YouTube, Facebook, and more by connecting it to the Webcaster X2’s HDMI in port all at the same time.

BeLive + WebCaster X2= Awesome

Connecting the Webcaster x2 with BeLive will allow you to take advantage of the many features that BeLive has. You can:

  • Engage your audience by showing their comments on screen
  • Share your screen
  • Have up to four guests live on screen and up to 10 people waiting on the lobby
  • Add your own custom colors, logo, and frames

    Screenshot of a livestream using BeLive. You can bring up to four guests on screen.

How to connect Webcaster X2 with BeLive

  • Step 1: Go to your “user profile”
  • Step 2: Press the three vertical buttons by your name and click “Pair with Epiphan Webcaster X2”
  • Step 3: Enter pairing code provided by Epiphan dashboard.
  • Step 4: Make sure it says that the connection was successful.
  • Step 5: Go to your talk show to make sure that the camera shows up.
  • Note: A user should only have to pair once.


Isn’t it amazing? It’s easy, efficient, and mobile too. We just love the possibilities that this partnership brings because we truly believe that live streaming shouldn’t be complicated.

Learn more about the BeLive and Epiphan Webcaster X2 partnership by watching the video below.

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