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Become A Live Streaming Expert With This Ultimate Guide For Studio2

Last June 2019, BeLive launched Studio2 with new and improved features to give you a better live streaming experience! Are you transferring to the new studio from the old one? Or exploring BeLive for the first time ever? Become a live stream expert with this ultimate guide to using Studio2!

Master Studio2 Now to Become a Live Stream Expert

We’ve had a lot of great memories with the old studio but now it’s time to let it rest for good. But no need to worry, BeLive’s Studio2 is jam-packed with awesome new features to make your live streams even more engaging.

But we understand that navigating a new platform can be disconcerting. That’s why we created this ultimate guide for you to master Studio2 as fast as possible!

Getting Started

  • Set Up Your Account – Fortunately, you don’t need to remember another set of passwords. That’s because your BeLive profile is already connected to your Facebook page or YouTube channel. Here’s a quick tutorial you can follow for this essential first step.
  • Pricing – Do you want a monthly plan? A yearly plan? Or do you just want to use BeLive for free? This guide can answer all your pricing and payment questions.
  • Transfer Your Paid Subscription – Got a new page? Or you may want to transfer your paid subscription to your assistant or friend? You can do that by following these steps!
  • Test BeLive Studio2 – Did you know you can test out Studio2 before actually deciding to subscribe to it? Here’s how!

Broadcasting to Facebook

  • Go Live on Chrome – Are you ready to have your first broadcast with Studio2? Find out what you need to start going live using Chrome!
  • Go Live on Safari – Are you using a Safari browser? No problem! Here’s what you need to check out and remember when going live using Safari.
  • Schedule Your Live – Here’s a cool thing about using BeLive for your live streams to Facebook, you can schedule your broadcast ahead of time! How can you do that? Follow this easy tutorial now!

Schedule broadcast studio2

  • Edit Your Scheduled Live – Have you scheduled your live but suddenly realized you need to change something? Don’t panic. You can edit the details of your scheduled live with these simple steps.
  • Display Comments On-Screen – You’re on your first broadcast! Now you can start engaging with your audience by reading their comments… and showing them on the screen while you’re live! Here’s how you can display comments on screen!
  • Add BeLive App to Your Facebook Group – If you’re managing a Facebook group and you and your members want to regularly broadcast there, you need to install the BeLive app there. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated. Just follow these steps and you’ll be good to go!
  • Set Up Comments on Facebook Group – When broadcasting to a group, Facebook conceals the identity of people who watch your live. But you can work around that with BeLive! Your viewers just need to click on a link and they’ll be able to interact with your video with their own identities. Here’s a quick guide on how to do that!
  • Go on a Private Live Broadcast – Want to go live but you want to test it out first? There are a couple of ways to do that. You can change your visibility or broadcast in an empty group. Still a bit confused? Read this guide!
  • Change Privacy Settings – Like your personal profile, you can change your live stream’s privacy settings from “Only Me” to “Public.” Find out how with this tutorial.
  • What to Do with an Unlisted Facebook Group in Destination – If your Facebook group does not appear in the “Destination” section of the Studio, here’s how you can do that.
  • Re-Install BeLive App – Sometimes, your groups and pages don’t appear in the studio’s “Destination” section. To fix this, you may have to re-install the app from your groups. Here’s how to do it.
  • Increase Engagement While Live – Struggling with engagement? Here’s a quick list of tips on how you can create excitement with your viewers when broadcasting!
  • Embed to Your Website – You’re going live on Facebook but would love to share that same video to your website? This tutorial will show you how you can embed your live broadcast to your blog or site!

Broadcasting to YouTube

  • Verify Your YouTube Account – Similar to Facebook, you need to verify your account with YouTube to be able to go live on it. Here’s how to do that!
  • Go Live on YouTube – Follow these steps to go live on YouTube with no problem!
  • Set Up Privacy Settings – Do you want to broadcast publicly or privately? Adjust your privacy settings with this tutorial.
  • Display Comments On-Screen While Live on YouTube – You can also display viewers’ comments on the screen on YouTube! Here’s how simple it is to do!
  • Embed to Blog and Other Platforms – After your YouTube Live ends, you can repurpose your video by embedding it to your blog and other social media platforms. All you need to do is to follow this tutorial.


You can also go live on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously.


  • Add a Guest to the Broadcast – Will a guest or two be joining you during your broadcast? No need to bring them into the room with you. Just send the guest link to them and they’ll be able to join you from where they are! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how!

  • Join as a Guest on Desktop – If your guest will be using a computer or laptop, this tutorial can help them join you without problems!
  • Join as a Guest on Mobile – If they’re on their mobile phones, this guide will show you what they’ll experience when they join you on air.
  • Troubleshoot Guest Technical Issues – If they’re joining you for the first time or have no prior knowledge of using BeLive, your guests may encounter problems with the broadcast. Here’s a quick guide on troubleshooting these issues.

Studio2 Features

  • Set Up Branding – Customize your broadcast with your own logo and background. You can set up your branding with this tutorial.
  • Download Broadcasts – Planning to repurpose your live videos? You can easily download them in HD! Here’s how you can do that from Studio2!
  • Delete Broadcast – Not satisfied with a certain live show? You can definitely delete your live. Just follow this guide on how to delete your broadcast.
  • Display Names of Host and Guests – Yes, you can let your audience know who you and your guests are by showing your names on the screen! Follow these instructions on how to display names on screen!
  • Add Media – If you want to show photos or GIF, you can do that by uploading them on Studio2 itself! Follow these steps to add media to your broadcast.
  • Add Videos – You can upload a video up to 500mb in size to your broadcast to use as an intro or outro. Here are the steps on how to add videos to your live.
  • Host Screenshare – To better explain your topic, you can share a presentation during your live through the screenshare feature. Find out more about it here.
  • Use On-Screen Updates – Another great way to engage your audience is to share the titles and subtitles of your topic. Here’s how you can use on-screen updates for your broadcast!
  • Set Up Agenda – Never forget a single point again by setting up an agenda right in the studio. Find out more about this feature and how it can help you create a smooth show!
  • Live Shopping – If you’re planning to sell, you can easily show the items and their prices on screen with the live shopping feature. Here’s how to activate live shopping!

live shopping

  • Off-Line Recording – Another way to practice going live without going public is to record a video offline. Follow this tutorial to learn how to do that.
  • Create a Podcast – You can easily turn your live broadcast into a podcast by downloading just the audio of your show! Learn more about that here.
  • Remote Assistant – Do you want to focus more on engaging with your viewers rather than operating the studio? The remote assistant option in Studio2 can help you with that! This simple tutorial will show you how an assistant can produce the show for you behind the camera.


  • “Invite a Friend” Promotion – Do you want to share your experience with BeLive and get paid for it? You can do that with the “Invite a Friend” promo. Find out more about it here.


  • Check Your Studio2 Settings – Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to check the settings inside the production studio.
  • Camera and Mic – Got a problem with your camera or microphone? This basic troubleshooting guide may help.
  • Evaluate Network Quality – Getting pixelated on screen? Your Internet connection may not be enough to give you HD shows. Here’s how to evaluate your network quality.

Got all that? Here’s a short clip on how to go live using BeLive’s Studio2.

There you have it! A complete and comprehensive guide on how to go live using  BeLive’s Studio2!

Is this your first time using BeLive? Share your experience with Studio2 in the comments section below!

Planning to go live on Facebook or YouTube but not subscribed yet? Sign up with BeLive now and enjoy all its amazing features for FREE!


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