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BeLive Success Stories: Molly Mahoney’s Live Streaming Journey From Zero To A Million!

Every BeLiver is a success story! Let’s start with a Prepared Performer who conquered the dreaded zero signups to come out victorious in just a few years. Find out how Molly Mahoney went from ZERO to A MILLION with BeLive, live streaming, and social media!

Molly Mahoney Before The Prepared Performer

The awesome Molly Mahoney founded The Prepared Performer which offers two programs to its students: GLAM (Go Live and Monetize) and Camera Confidence. Through these courses, Molly helps entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers build their business by increasing and monetizing their visibility online.

She and her team were able to raise their revenue from zero sales on their massive launch to a whopping 7-figure in just three years! How was she able to do this?

Let’s dive into how BeLive and live streaming made earning one million dollars possible in just a few years.

How It Started: First Launch Failure

Molly Before Live Streaming

Molly didn’t go into the streaming world with plans to actually go live. In fact, it was completely accidental!

Before becoming a social media rockstar, she was a professional theater performer going on tour in different cities around the country. But being on the road for too long eventually wore her and her husband out. Wanting to settle down and have kids, she moved back to California and decided to instead help other performers enhance their talents.


Her First Course

It all worked great. She thrived as a vocal coach and dipped her feet in several businesses, including direct sales. But working 10 different jobs in 10 different locations can be exhausting. That’s when she started to develop the idea of creating an online course for aspiring entrepreneurs and startup artists.

She came up with Prepared Performer Profit, which was an online course for performers. And since she wasn’t all that well-versed in the world of live streaming, she uploaded pre-recorded videos into a course management system instead. She was able to invite 15 people in the pilot.

A Failed Launch that Led to Live Streaming

I listened to my community and did one little tweak that changed everything.

After that first course, Molly felt confident enough to raise the price and plan for a bigger launch. So the entire team prepared for that launch. But when the big day came, guess what happened? They had ZERO sales.

Did that discourage Molly and the rest of her wonderful team? Maybe a little but it helped them get right back up. But this time, Molly tweaked one detail: she went live with her lessons instead.

She went live every week for six weeks. Every 10:00 AM on those six Saturdays, she went live on her Facebook page and shared a free course. She didn’t think much of it until the day she stopped streaming.

On the 7th Saturday, people started contacting her when she didn’t go live. She realized that people were already looking forward to her broadcasts. Now that was an opportunity that helped her go from zero to $50,000 sales in just three months!

Diving into Live Streaming

Armed with what she figured out from those six weeks of live streaming, she got rid of all the extra tools she was bogged down with. She opened a group on Facebook and delivered video training live into the group, gave the first signups a discount and called it the “Beta program.”

Going live in that group allowed her to listen to the community she engaged with. Thanks to the information she gathered, she was able to give them what they needed and wanted. Her broadcasts into that group allowed her to have a one-on-one connection with her audience.

If she hadn’t shown up to those broadcasts, she would never have known what her viewers wanted. She would have continued to struggle with her 10 jobs.


Watch Molly share her Success Story with BeLive’s own Irene Enriquez Chan below!

Molly’s success story doesn’t stop here! Find out how she turned that failed first launch around in just a few months, eventually becoming a million-dollar business today!

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Here at BeLive, we understand how difficult it is to be a professional speaker right now with so many events that have been canceled due to the Coronavirus. We would like to help out by making sure you get access to tools like BeLive, so you can continue helping your community with your content in the safety of your own homes. Hopefully, we can help you out continue to earn income during these difficult times.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Support team via the site or email them at They are available 24/7 to help you out! 


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