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BeLive Success Stories: Molly Mahoney’s Map To Millions

To become successful, it’s important to rise up from challenges and that’s what exactly the amazing Molly Mahoney did for her coaching business. Here’s part three of our inspiring feature on one of BeLive’s rockstars!

Don’t forget to check out parts one and two to fully appreciate Molly’s journey to success!

Turning Failure into Success

In 2016, Molly was able to raise 50k sales from a zero-sales launch by listening to what her followers needed. Now, she’s in the seven figures!

How exactly was she able to go from zero to a million real quick?

How BeLive Helped Her Coaching Business

BeLive highly contributed to her seven-figure success. She was also starting her coaching business when it launched and didn’t even know much about live streaming yet.

She was so excited about the tool that she started using BeLive with her laptop literally in her lap, using a portable WiFi in the front seat of their car. All this while her husband was driving.

She loved it! That’s because when she dove into the streaming world, BeLive made it so much easier to give her shows that professional but engaging feel. It allowed her to attract hundreds of viewers and sign up even more clients.

Camera Confidence uses BeLive for broadcasts within the group. She also uses it to go on live broadcasts for the public to watch.

With BeLive’s amazing features, she was able to go live on her set schedule and connect with her audience on a more intimate level. Some features she loved using include:

  • Customized logo, backgrounds, and overlay that established her branding.
  • Show scheduler which gave her followers a heads up for her next broadcast.
  • Screenshare which gave her the opportunity to show presentations and demonstrations to her viewers.
  • Interviewing multiple people helped her call on experts to make her shows more interesting and valuable.

Map to Millions

Molly designed the Map to Millions as a marketing strategy to bring success to her and clients’ businesses.


What is the map and can it really bring in millions in views and sales? Molly’s GLAM and Camera Confidence courses is a testament to that!

Following the Map helped her video reach 1 million views organically. And now, it also helped her reach a million dollars in sales!

The Map consists of the actions you need to take when producing and repurposing a video. The yellow bubbles include everything you need to do right away such as scheduling, going live, and marketing the show on social media.

Meanwhile, the green bubbles house what you can do after some time. This includes editing and using clips of the video to post on social media and creating show notes from the live show to make blog posts.

Here are some important aspects of the Map to Millions that you need to know and understand:

  • You should preschedule your video once a week.
  • Drive traffic to that video by advertising it everywhere.
  • Show up for the live every time, deliver value to your viewers, and finally, offer a free gift.
  • Include a call to action in your live and its caption aimed to bring people to your Facebook group. This is where sales happen.
  • Build engagement in that community. The more interaction in the community will encourage them to buy your course and love it!
  • The most important aspect of the Map is to give lots of value on and off-camera.

“The most important thing you can do is SHOW UP! There are people out there who need you!”

Value, Value, Value, Offer

Consistently talking to actual human beings who can comment on your video and you can talk to will help bring success to your coaching business. Then again, it’s also important to provide value when you start your live stream.

When facing viewers, especially for public shows, you need to give them value for the time they spent tuning into your broadcast. Then, have a giveaway. It can be as simple as an ebook guide or even a tool that can help them with their business.

Decide on a niche you want to develop your coaching business in. Molly had a background in theater and she did start with vocal coaching. But she also had connections with businesses and direct selling groups. So she tried dipping her pole into a different pond.

She learned the different ways of earning from her live shows, such as affiliate marketing. She goes live, provides value, then redirects her followers to a source.

What you want to happen is this: People getting a lot of value from you that they’ll throw their credit card to your face to get more.

Thanks to today’s technology, going live has become an easy endeavor. You just literally need the internet and BeLive to get a production-style show!

“Speaking on live streams is a skill set that can be learned. It can also be taught.”

Advice for Coaches

There are four things you need to do if you’re planning to start a coaching business like Molly.

First: Figure Out Who You Are

Don’t try to be somebody else if you want to be a coach.

Sure students tend to mimic their master’s teachings but every individual has their own personality. Take advantage of your uniqueness and understand you are as a person and as a coach.

Second: Get Clear on Who It Is You Serve and Support

Understand who your audience is. What benefits should they gain? What issues do they need addressing?

You need to figure out the answers to these questions to be able to give value to potential clients.

Third: Know the Problems Your Audience Has

People look for coaches to help them overcome certain issues in their lives. Whether it’s a personal problem or a challenge with their business, you should know what these are.

More than likely, many of them share the same problems. And that’s what you need to figure out.

Fourth: Know What Solutions You Can Offer to Those Problems

The next step in figuring out your coaching business is to figure out the solutions you can offer to the problems presented by your potential clients. This is what makes you valuable to them. So many people skip these steps and end up failing.

Avoid Burnout

“I make sure that I have support from mentors to help me avoid problems before I get there.”

Working too hard can get you in trouble. Molly advises coaches to work with all kinds of different coaches to avoid burning out. You should prioritize self-care to be able to help others.

You should also build an amazing team to help you run your business. Doing everything on your own will end up with you exploding and compromising your business in the future.

Consistency Is Key


“Live videos live on forever!”

At the end of the day, consistency will help you get from a failed launch to a 7-figure business. Schedule your live and don’t skip a week. Yes, even when there’s no one there to watch you!

Using a reliable tool like BeLive to go live with style can also help you reach your live streaming and sales goals.

You can still drive traffic to your live video years after it ends. You just need to show up first, then learn how to repurpose through Molly’s Map to Millions!

Interested in knowing more about Molly’s seriously effective Maps to Millions? Watch her discuss this method in the video below!

This is not the end of Molly’s climb to success. In fact, this is just the beginning of it! Become as confident and as successful as Molly by following her Facebook page now. You can also watch Molly’s interview with BeLive’s Marketing Manager, Irene Enriquez Chan, here!

We understand how difficult it is to be a professional speaker right now with so many events that have been canceled due to the Coronavirus. We would like to help out by making sure you get access to tools like BeLive, so you can continue helping your community with your content in the safety of your own homes. Hopefully, we can help you out continue to earn income during these difficult times.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Support team via the site or email them at They are available 24/7 to help you out! Sign up for BeLive here.

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