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BeLive.TV Holds a 15-Hour Facebook Live Conference with More than 50 Hosts on Its First Birthday

On October 16, celebrated the one-year anniversary of our launch with our awesome community by creating a 15 hour-long live video conference featuring 50 different hosts (BeLive users) from all over the world!

Each host ran their own segment for 10 minutes, covering their topic of choice, including engaging your audience, community building, show promotion, repurposing content, and best interview techniques.

Our loyal and amazing community were involved in hosting the shows, choosing the content and subjects, took an active part in the preparation, and enjoyed the celebration with us. There is a lot of incredible information that the live streaming community can use and learn from in these 15 hours of of video.

The conference reached more than 180k people and was viewed by more than 75k unique viewers.

“The first birthday is of course an exciting moment and we wanted to make sure we celebrated this day with our users,” commented Daniel Mayer, CEO of

How the Birthday Conference Idea Started

“Creating this live birthday conference was something we thought would be the best way to do just that! We started by asking our awesome community what kind of topics they wanted the conference to cover. The community chose four topics. We then asked all of our users that want to be hosts to send us what they were going to focus on talking about. We chose 50 hosts from all over the world, and after 15 hours of live broadcast, we are sure that we chose the best option to commemorate the day! A huge thanks to Jeff Adams, our master host, along with Joel Comm, Mari Smith, Molly Mahoney, Rachel Moore, and Ross Brand.”

You can find the shows on our Facebook page and below you can find a full list of all 50 hosts and their shows:

BeLive Birthday Conference: Part 1

BeLive Birthday Conference Part 2:

BeLive Birthday Conference Part 3:

BeLive Birthday Conference Part 4:

We want to thank our outstanding BeLive community for allowing us to get to the point we are at today, and for helping us celebrate our birthday! This live stream conference was a huge success.

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