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BeLive is Now a Facebook Live Solutions Partner

During the F8 conference on May 2018 held in San Jose, California, BeLive was officially added as one of Facebook’s Live Video Solutions partners. The FB Live Video Solutions partners provide Facebook Live tools and solutions used by top media companies worldwide.

Since BeLive was launched in October 2016, there have been more than 300 million viewers who engaged in a Facebook Live broadcast done via the platform.

BeLive Increases Engagement by 200%

BeLive is mostly used by SMBs (Small Business Owners) in the U.S. to easily produce high quality and professional Facebook Live show. What SMBs love the most about is the ability to bring the viewers’ comments live on screen. It makes the live video more interactive when viewers see their comments along with their name and profile picture.

Based on analysis of more than 150k broadcasts done on BeLive, owners who use BeLive’s features — on average — get a 200% increase in comments, reactions, and views.

SMBs use a variety of live video formats to engage with their audience. The most popular format, however, is the split-screen interview. Live interviews provide massive value to the viewers because it gives authentic conversations and practical tips straight from the experts. For instance, Kary Oberbrunner, a coach and an author from Ohio, uses to interview other authors. He also uses live video to generate sales for their books. In August 2017, he used for their launch and helped them earn $182,000 in sales.

Easiest Way to House Multiple-Guests Live Shows

BeLive. also makes it easy to produce multiple-guests talk shows on Facebook in minutes. Hosts can have three more guests on the screen and can have up to 10 people in the “lobby” when using the Talk Show format. Aimee Bowling, an artist, and entrepreneur, said:

“I rushed to BeLive and signed up for the trial. I cannot believe how easy it was to navigate.”

With just a computer and a Chrome browser, a business owner without any prior streaming experience can invite a guest who can join via desktop or mobile and be part of the live show. They can also ask their viewers specific actions by using the CTA feature, which works similarly like a news ticker.

Facebook Live After Two Years

When Mark Zuckerberg first announced the Facebook Live feature in April 2016, a majority of the live video content came from celebrities and media publishers. Socialbakers reported that 20% of the total brand pages on Facebook had posted live videos in June 2016. Facebook also shared in a recent blog post that the average live video from verified Pages has increased by 1.5x this 2018 compared to 2017. Two years later, small business owners have embraced live video as part of their Facebook marketing strategy not only to boost their reach and engagement but to affect their sales.

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