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BeLive.TV Partners with Mari Smith to Help Business Owners Use Live Video in Increasing their Reach…

In the first wave of the social media marketing revolution from 2008–12, there was an unprecedented opportunity to rapidly build your audience of fans on your Facebook business page, and to reach the vast majority of them with little to no ad spend.

Now, those days have changed and everyone knows Facebook is pretty much ‘pay to play.’

We are now in the second wave of social media marketing: video and especially Facebook Live streaming video.

With Facebook favoring video in the news feed — especially live video — 2018 represents a similar growth opportunity to stake your claim and own your unique niche. — Mari Smith

Mari Smith, Facebook Queen and social media marketing expert, partners with BeLive.TV to help business owners harness the power of live video. Facebook Live gets six times the engagement of recorded video.



Small and medium size business owners can tap into the power of Facebook Live to grow their audience and influence.

But, there’s more to it than just ‘going live.’

On her first show on the BeLive.TV page this coming May 4 at 12 p.m. PST, Mari walks through the foundational pieces to ensure entrepreneurs are set up for maximum success with live streaming video.

Besides hosting a show on the BeLive.TV Facebook page every first Friday of the month, Mari is teaming up with as our Strategic Business Development Advisor and will be supporting our growth and product launch efforts as we move into our next phase of growth. Mari will provide guidance on business development, branding, messaging, social media marketing and strategic growth on Facebook.

Mari has extensive experience as a strategic business development consultant, and over a decade of deep Facebook marketing experience. We couldn’t be more excited to have Mari’s support as we roll out new features and new levels of premium products.

Facebook Live streaming video is the next frontier in entertainment, education, mainstream media and business.

Facebook is quickly becoming a major force in digital streaming television. There has never been a better time to improve your company’s use of video promotion and to establish your own TV-like show. It’s the perfect time for you to up your game with!

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