Blog’s Live Video Hub Helps You Gain More Viewers

The Live Video Hub is a Facebook page where you can cross post your broadcasts the moment you go live.

This initiative is provided by for everyone who broadcasts on their Facebook Business Page using the platform.

When you go live on your business page — you also go live on the Hub at the same time.

You also go live on the web along with all your show recordings. See here.

Why Join the Hub?

We want you to reach the widest audience possible on Facebook and the Hub is here to help make that happen.

How It Works

  • You schedule your broadcast as normal, edit the Facebook post (30 seconds) and when you go live on your own page — you also go Live on the Hub.
  • Viewers can go to one page to find shows that educate, entertain, or inform them. They can discover new shows to watch or set reminders about a show they want to catch.
  • With our Discoverability engine (created by Rj Redden) viewers can discover your show, visit your page and even start a conversation with your messenger bot.

We want viewers to visit your page and watch your broadcasts.

We also hold your video on archive once you start broadcasting on the Hub.

How to Join

To join, please complete this form.

If you need more details, you can speak to Steven Healey here.

Steven Healey is the Manager of the Live Video Hub and one of the moderators in the BeLivers group.

What BeLivers Say about the Live Video Hub



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