BeLiver Feature, Dr. Lindsey Elmore: Using Live Video to Combat Bad Press about Essential Oils

Have you ever wondered if a niche market can be marketed through live streaming or video marketing? Have you ever doubted if anyone else would be interested in what you have to offer because there’s limited interest in it? If you answered yes, then Dr. Lindsey Elmore’s story is something that you need to read.

Some of our past BeLiver Feature included Fallon Zoe who talked about how live streaming helped her become financially independent and Graham Hoffman who used live streaming to become an authority on his niche. This week, we feature a BeLiver who is an expert in natural medicine and essential oils.

Tell us something about yourself.

Hey there! My name is Dr. Lindsey Elmore. I am a chemist and a pharmacist who teaches about natural wellness in simple, easy to understand language. I am an expert in supplements and essential oils, and I can teach you how to make empowered choices about your health.

Why did you go into video marketing or live streaming?

Video marketing just fell in my lap. I tried out Facebook Live when it was just launched, and my following loved it. Because my audience requested it, I started live streaming every Monday, and I have been doing it for years.

What has been the biggest impact of live streaming in your life?

Live streaming makes it easier for me to spread the word, especially when controversial issues arise. There is a lot of bad press on essential oils and supplements, and much of it is simply fear mongering. I can quickly and easily set the record straight with a live stream.

LIVE at an event.

Because I am consistently going live at the same time each week, it also provides structure to my business. We spend the week before generating blog posts that support the video, and this helps to drive people to my website.

How has BeLive as a platform helped you?

I started using BeLive when I began doing interviews with other people. With a large social media following, Facebook is not always effective at picking the correct person that you want to interview. BeLive ensures that the right person is on the screen at the right time. When I need it, I also use the share screen option to share PowerPoint slides or graphics that make better sense of complicated science.

How are you promoting your product or service on your BeLive shows? If you have a physical product, do you show your viewers how to use it or if you’re a coach, do you interview past clients or experts in your field?

Just like podcasts, Facebook Live needs structure. You want to be sure that every video is a stand alone video. If someone has never seen you before, the one video they saw is enough to fully capture who you are. Every one of my Facebook Lives starts with an introduction. It sounds crazy, but introduce yourself each and every time. Then I tell people what is in the caption of the video. Just because you link to a blog post doesn’t mean that people will see it.

At her home studio

I usually link to 2–3 different blog posts simply to get more people excited and click around. In every blog post is an invitation to Join the Club, which is where paid content is located.

Next, I tell people of upcoming paid events such as private online meetings, live meetings, or courses available for a limited time. If I have a new t-shirt or item, I will also show that.

After announcements, I then dive into the content of the video. I repeat all of the announcements at the end of the video, remind people of my name, and invite them to Join the Club for more in depth education. I share any related content that is in The Club that will enhance what they have just learned.

How many times do you use BeLive to promote your business/organization?

I promote my business in every non-sponsored Facebook Live that I do.

Which BeLive feature has helped you achieved the results for your business?

Easily inviting guests to my shows brings diversity to the education that I am offering. It allows me to get feedback from my audience on what they would like to learn more about and talk to people smarter than me in those areas. Doing interviews with others means that I can link their published works to my Amazon Affiliate account, or affiliate links to their programs.

Anything else you’d like to share about how BeLive has helped your business?

BeLive is such an easy option when you are interviewing others on social media. It is more reliable than Facebook at getting the right person on at the right time, you can toggle between multiple people, and it is a safety net for people who aren’t super tech-savvy because they can get on the call before the actual start time.

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