BeLiver Feature: Matt Hochberg, Cruise Lover

As a blogger, how can you stand out from the sea of bloggers that seem to be sprouting everywhere? Well, through live streaming of course.

Travel blogger Matt Hochberg writes for The Royal Carribean Blog which is an unofficial fan blog written for other fans of Royal Caribbean International. Matt doesn’t just write but also live streams via BeLive to give his readers and viewers a more in depth feel of what it’s like to go on a cruise.

Tell us something about you or your show that you’d like to people know about.

My name is Matt Hochberg and I love to cruise on Royal Caribbean and take any opportunity I can get to talk about cruises.

Why did you go into live streaming?

I started live streaming because it allows me to connect with other people that love cruising too in a way that standard videos or written posts simply cannot compete. Being able to go live from a ship and show folks around, or simply answer questions from the friendly confines of my office is such an amazing option. It is such fun to meet new people and share in real-time.

What has been the biggest impact of live streaming in your life?

Live streaming has afforded me the chance to make so many new friends, as well as learn from others. One of the best things about live streaming is the interaction and being able to not only share what I know, but hear other people’s experiences.

Matt livestreaming from his office.

How has BeLive as a platform helped you?

BeLive has so greatly simplified going live and making the experience so much more interactive that I cannot imagine what it was like live streaming before I ever used BeLive. The software is straightforward, easy to use and takes away a lot of the stress I used to have with getting a live stream going.

How are you promoting your product or service on your BeLive shows?

I use BeLive to help answer questions. I will bring questions up on the stream and then speak to the answer. It helps the audience know exactly what is being asked, as well as keep me on track.

How many times do you use BeLive to promote your blog?

I use BeLive twice per week, every Tuesday and Saturday on Facebook Live.

Which BeLive feature has helped you achieved the results for your blog?

Comments on screen has been huge for me. It’s what attracted me to the platform, and continues to be a popular feature on both sides of the screen.

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