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How to Boost Your Black Friday Sales with Amazon Live Streams

Black Friday isn’t just about the rush for deals—it’s a massive opportunity waiting to be tapped, especially for content creators. In 2022, online shoppers spent a jaw-dropping $9.12 billion on Black Friday despite the rising inflation. And here’s another fun fact to think about: nearly 57% were already scouting for holiday goodies over Thanksgiving. 

Now, as a content creator, you might wonder, “How can I leverage this massive wave of eager shoppers?” The answer is right in front of you: Amazon Live.

Amazon Live is not just another shopping platform; it’s your personal stage during the biggest online shopping event of the year. If you want to become an Amazon Influencer, now is the best time. Through the Amazon Influencer Program, you’ll not only be able to share affiliate links and earn commissions but also set up your own storefront on Amazon and earn from livestreams.

Picture this: you, showcasing products, interacting with shoppers in real-time, capturing the attention of an eager audience, and earning BIG money from it. If this sounds like a great opportunity, read on. We’ll tell you how you can shine brighter and sell smarter this season.

Why Amazon Live Streaming on Black Friday is a Must for Creators or Live Sellers

Black Friday is a massive event in the online shopping world, with Amazon (of course!) being a top destination for many. Using Amazon’s live streaming feature during this time can give sellers a unique edge in the bustling marketplace.

Here are more reasons why you should go live during Black Friday season on Amazon Live:

  • Increase in Traffic: Last year, Amazon saw a significant uptick in activity during Black Friday. Data from that period revealed that Black Friday on November 25, 2022, was the standout day, with sales soaring by an impressive 352%. Moreover, Early Black Friday was not left behind in terms of user engagement. Glance Views, which measure the number of times users view a product detail page (where you can see shoppable videos), shot up by 141% on that day. For comparison, the entire Early Black Friday Week experienced a rise of 65% in Glance Views. Given these stats from the previous year, sellers who are actively streaming and showcasing their products on Amazon Live have a prime opportunity to attract more viewers and boost sales.
  • Direct Engagement: One of the big advantages of live streaming is the chance to interact instantly with shoppers. If they’re interested in a product, seeing it on a live stream and getting immediate answers to their questions can make them more likely to buy.
  • Instant Purchase Decisions: When shoppers see a product on a live stream, especially with a special Black Friday discount, they might decide to buy it on the spot. However, sellers should be careful about which products they highlight. Some items with significant in-store discounts at places like Walmart might not be the best choice for your Amazon Live showcase. Last year’s drop in online sales for certain toys, like Magic Mixies, serves as a lesson for many live sellers.
  • Leveraging FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out): Black Friday is all about exclusive deals, and going live can amplify this sentiment. Showcasing limited stock items during your stream, you can leverage FOMO to encourage quicker buying decisions.

Strategies to Maximize Your Amazon Live Streams for Black Friday 2023

Black Friday on Amazon is a whirlwind of activity, but with the right approach, your live streams can stand out and captivate shoppers. 

Here are some strategies to help you make the most of this prime selling opportunity:

  1. Plan Ahead: Start by identifying the products you want to showcase. While it might be tempting to showcase everything, focus on items that have a proven track record of online sales and aren’t heavily discounted in physical stores. The best time to start was yesterday but the next one is NOW.
  2. Do Interactive Demonstrations: Show, don’t just tell. Offer live demos of products in action. For instance, if you’re selling a kitchen gadget, demonstrate its use, benefits, and end results. This gives viewers a tangible understanding of what they’re purchasing.
  3. Engage with Your Audience: Make your streams interactive. Address comments, answer questions, and acknowledge viewers by name when possible. Personal interactions can make viewers feel valued and more inclined to purchase.
  4. Network with Other Amazon Influencers: It’s essential to remember that other influencers are not competitors but valuable sources of insights. Amazon Live’s algorithm changes frequently, and staying updated through discussions with fellow influencers can be highly beneficial. Share strategies, learn from each other’s experiences, and adapt accordingly.
  5. Study the Amazon Live Platform Closely: Familiarize yourself with successful influencers on the platform. Analyze how they design their thumbnails, the strategies they employ to get clicks, and the overall presentation of their content. Observing and learning from successful content creators can offer invaluable best practices for your streams.
  6. Exclusive Giveaways & Deals for Live Viewers: Entice your audience with giveaways or promotions exclusive to those watching your live stream. It can incentivize viewers to stay, engage, and eventually make a purchase.
  7. Promote Your Stream in Advance: Use your other social media platforms, email lists, and more to let potential viewers know when you’ll be going live. Building anticipation can boost initial viewership. Use everything in your arsenal.
  8. Analyze and Adapt: After your stream, review analytics provided by Amazon. See when viewership peaked, which products garnered the most interest, and where there might have been drop-offs. Use this data to refine your strategy for future streams.

After the Stream – Next Steps

After Black Friday, your Amazon Live stream isn’t over; it’s just the start of another chapter. Look closely at your stream’s data: see what viewers liked, which products caught their eye, and when they were most engaged. This information helps you get better for the next time. And with big shopping days like Cyber Monday and Christmas coming up, use what you learned from Black Friday to get ready. Every stream teaches you something new, helping you do better in the next one.

Win Black Friday with Amazon Live & Be.Live

Be.Live stands out as a tailored solution designed especially for Amazon Live streamers. See what Be.Live offers to enhance your streaming experience:

  • Channel URL Integration: This Be.Live feature lets you easily link up your Amazon Live streams. This way, you can see comments inside the studio, making it easy to chat and connect with viewers.

  • Amazon Product Carousel: This is like a mini-storefront for your streams. Show off your Amazon product picks so viewers can see and learn about what you recommend, all while watching your stream.

    Amazon Be.Live Product Carousel
  • Engaging Widgets: Keeping your audience involved is key. Be.Live has tools like the Comment Assistant, fun widgets, and “New Followers” alerts to help you chat and interact with viewers in real time.Be.Live Lottery Jar and Comment Snake
  • Be.Live Video Editor: Once your stream ends, you can use this tool to look back at your video. See what worked, what didn’t, and even turn your streams into shoppable videos to share later and become another source of income for you on Amazon. Check out our guide here to see how shoppable videos work and how you will earn money from it.Amazon Shoppable Video Editor 

So, are you geared up for Amazon Live streaming? With the handy tools from Be.Live, you’re all set to make your broadcasts pop, especially on big days like Black Friday. It’s about making the most of the moment and truly connecting with your viewers. So, are you ready to make some streaming magic? Let’s go live and make it happen!

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