Click-Worthy YouTube Titles: Making Them Marketable


When it comes to creating YouTube video titles that get ranked higher in searches, there are two main parts—ensuring what people are searching for is what you have in your title and creating an emotional tie that convinces them to click.


Answer the Question They Are Searching for

Fancy titles on YouTube are not your friend. People aren’t searching for flowery things on YouTube—they have a question they want answered.

When naming your video, make sure you think about what words people are typing into Google when looking for a solution to their query.


Keep your title as basic as possible and answer the simplest version of the question they are answering in your title. This will rank higher when people are searching on Google or YouTube. Use the exact words you think they will use.


Create An Emotional Pull

When creating titles, you want to list their questions in the title, but you also want to create an emotional reason to click on your video over the videos that have the same or similar titles that answer the same question.


Typically, your title should look like this:

State The Question (Emotional Pull) or State The Question | Emotional Pull

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

How To Make Candles | Three Easy Steps

When To Quit My Job (Avoid Drama By Timing Your Resignation Correctly)

How To Book A Disney Vacation (Without Breaking The Bank)


In these examples, I’m answering a question people often search on Google or YouTube and following it with an emotional pull to show them it’s in easy steps, they can avoid making something harder, and they can do something without spending a ton of money. Let’s be honest—who wouldn’t want to go to Disney without wasting a bunch of money unnecessarily?


Now let’s look at some examples on my YouTube page:


Check out the titles listed under each of the videos. Notice how each is a question that might be searched on Google or YouTube followed by something that will get an emotional reaction. 



Pro tip: People are searching for relevant information. If you include the year in your title, people are more likely to click on your recent video than information that might be older in someone else’s video.

Ex: Social Media Tips vs Social Media Tips 2019. The first title covers the topic, but could potentially be outdated, where including the date implies that it’s more current information.


Next Step

Your title isn’t the only thing that should be SEO-friendly. The caption you write for your video is very important as well. In the next article, we’ll be chatting about how to create captions that work to your benefit.


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