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How To Hold A Direct Sales Party With Facebook Live

So you’re rocking your direct sales business on Facebook. Your throwback posts are on fire, you’ve shared articles that spark engaging conversations in the comments, and you feel this strong community growing around your brand, but still something is missing. Every time you go to post on your Facebook page, you see that scary word staring back at you…Live.

Your customers would love to party with you in real-time, but you are certain it requires totally different qualifications to sell on camera. When you were seven you threw an epic unicorn birthday party that everyone was talking about at recess, but a Live party must be on a whole new level….or is it?

Despite what you may think, a direct sales party isn’t just about selling products. Hosting any type of party is about creating an experience that everyone will enjoy together.

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If you can throw a birthday party, you can host a Facebook Live direct sales party with 5 easy steps, with or without the unicorns! Get ready to party like it’s your job, because it is!

Step 1: Theme it up

Just like any party, a theme will add an extra layer of fun to your direct sales party. Once you have picked out the products to showcase Live, brainstorm a list of party themes.

How to Choose the Perfect Party Theme

Make a list of topics like:

  • Milestones for your business
  • Seasonal holidays
  • Daily holidays (ex. Talk-like-a-pirate day)
  • Product-related ideas (spa day, leggings day)

Pick the topic that you are most excited about and go all out. This theme will be the glue that holds your party together and provides a light-hearted way to connect to your audience.

Step 2: Hype it up

Now that your products are ready and the theme is set, it is time to spread the word that you’re hosting the bash of the century! As a kid, you told everyone about your party and even the mailman knew the countdown to the big day. You were channeling your personal excitement to your friends because you knew they would have fun too. The same goes for a direct sales party. You know that your customers will love your products so don’t be shy in promoting your Live! Send invitations, post video teasers, use colorful graphics to get the word out that you will be partying Live and they won’t want to miss it.

Step 3: Decorate it up

What’s a party without decorations? Even though you have been advertising like crazy, not everyone sees every post you make. Hang some streamers, break out the party hats, or even consider one of those blow-up dinosaur costumes-whatever it takes to visually set that party scene.

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Use keywords in the text description for your Live to peak your audience’s curiosity and draw them in to join the celebration. Oh, and don’t forget to put on your party clothes including items you might be selling! Adding silly props that connect to your theme will go a long way to making your event feel more like a party than a sales pitch.

Step 4: LIVE it up

When it’s party time, click that Live button and let the fun begin. Greet everyone as your broadcast begins and say hello to each new person who comments like your friends arriving at a party. You can start with some themed small talk to break the ice and even play a game or ask trivia questions to go with your theme to get the party energy going.

And now for the highlight of the party-the presents! Oooops, I mean your products! As kids we were reminded to go slowly when opening our gifts, to let everyone see what we got, and show our appreciation to the giver for each and every item.

Tips to Remember:

  • Your products are like your presents; each item you reveal to your customers is something special that you’re eager to share.
  • Take your time and show each item, describing it in detail.
  • The more descriptive you can be, the more opportunities your audience has to understand how that product solves their problem.
  • Engage with comments about each new item from your viewers to emphasize how excited everyone is about your products.

Step 5: Wrap it up

When it is time to end your event, thank all of your guests for coming and invite them to come back for your next one. After you have ended your broadcast, respond to every comment that was made Live and add a thank you for participating to add that personal touch. This opportunity to make your customers feel connected to you is invaluable; if your customers feel like they are part of a community, they will keep coming back for more of the fun, more interaction, and ultimately more shopping.

Here are just a few additional tips as you get ready for your Facebook Live party.

Draft a schedule.

Outline the order of events for your party and keep it handy in front of you. The schedule will help keep you on track and help you to remember things you don’t want to forget to share.

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Take your time.

You are sharing these products with your customers because you believe in them and you know that people will love them too. Don’t rush when sharing your products live; spend time showing your audience exactly what it is that you love about each item. Your target audience will love them too, so give them a chance to see what you see.

Be yourself.

Like any party, you want your true friends to show up so that you can all have a good time without feeling nervous. Your target audience will appreciate you for who you are and will be the type of follower that builds your success.

Adding Facebook Live as a tool to hosting your next direct sales party will open up doors for more interactive engagement with your community. Creating an atmosphere of fun and games will keep your audience coming back for more. So what are you waiting for? Go dig out your foam finger and start planning your direct sales party for Facebook Live now!

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