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How To Optimise Facebook New Pages Experience For Your Live Streams

Facebook recently rolled out a massive redesign for Pages and it may be a blessing for live marketers and live streamers wanting to focus more on substantial interactions rather than superficial likes.

Starting the Year with a New Interface

Facebook has been making several changes with its interface and features over the past few months. Recently, the Facebook New Pages Experience was rolled out to interested users.

While change shapes maturity, sometimes, it’s just so hard to accept it. Are the modifications made on Facebook pages a welcome change for streamers and entrepreneurs? Let’s take a look at how this will shape the live streaming niche on the site.

What Do You Get With Facebook’s New Pages Experience?

facebook-new-pages-experienceFacebook launched the update with the intention of helping users transition easily from personal to professional pages. The New Pages Experience also promises a cleaner, more organized look for businesses, personalities, influencers, and organizations.

Some notable aspects of the update include:

Removal of Likes

In the Classic setup, pages monitor both likes and followers. However, Facebook is getting rid of Likes in this update and will be focusing on monitoring Followers instead.

Simpler Design

The new version of Pages promises to be cleaner, simpler, and easier to use and understand.

A Dedicated News Feed

Pages will now have a dedicated news feed where you can see updates from the groups, personalities, and people you follow as a page. The classic page does not have this and though you can interact as your page, there hasn’t been a news feed exclusively made for it.

People who follow your page will still see updates via their own private news feeds. But as a page manager, you’ll have a separate news feed for your activities as a page.

Easier Navigation from Private Profile to Pages

This new setup also promises an easier way to go from your private profile to the page you’re managing through a switcher. This feature will help you manage your business page separately from your personal profile.

Full or Partial Access for Collaborators

Another element being removed in the New Pages Experience is the Page Roles. In the Classic version, Admins can assign roles such as Editor, Moderator, and Collaborator for people that need access to the page. With the new update, key people will be given either full or partial access instead. However, Facebook is constantly developing the site and asking for feedback from its users. This feature may return in future updates.

Will Your Page Be Automatically Converted?

This update is not yet available to all Pages as of writing but those with access may already make the switch. So you won’t have to worry about suddenly getting switched to the new interface. Take note as well that Facebook will most likely roll out page conversion options in trenches per area.

You can still go back to the classic version should you wish to do so but take note that some content posted in the New Page Experience may get deleted. You will also lose access to the new features that come with the update such as the dedicated News Feed.

What Will Happen to Your Content?

Most of your content will migrate to the new version but expect some to be left behind with the classic page. You may need to save or edit the following to use the New Pages Experience properly:

  • Some of your Facebook Stories
  • Some of your contact information (other aspects will need editing to make them shorter such as the About section)
  • Some features may be repositioned while running ads will be stopped

How Will It Affect Your Live Streams?

facebook-new-pages-experience-beliveYou can still go live with the New Pages Experience. There’s isn’t much substantial information on how this change will affect your insights. But the update may help with getting substantial reach and engagement for your broadcasts (and other posts in general). That’s because your audience will now be following your page and not just liking it.

According to Direct to Success founder Minessa Konecky, small businesses shouldn’t worry about Facebook’s decision to get rid of Page likes.

Minessa said in a Facebook post.

“Someone who actually FOLLOWS your page is much more likely to see your content in their feed anyway.”

In the classic version, people have the option to either like or follow your page, or both. Those who only liked your page do not get regular updates about page activities, but those who followed get notified whenever you post something.

With the New Pages Experience, everyone interested in your business or organization who chose to follow you will be kept abreast of your content, including upcoming live stream events. This will likely improve your live video’s post reach and engagement.

That being said, when you go live with BeLive through the new setup, you’ll be able to attract more engagement through your followers. You can encourage a deeper relationship with them through the broadcast.

Should You Make the Switch?

Now the question remains, should you switch to the New Pages Experience?

Social media expert Mari Smith suggests trying out the update now, if it’s already available for your page. As with anything, approach updates with caution.

She suggested:

“When you do get access to change to the New Pages Experience, consider making one or more posts first to announce to your audience that you’ll be making the switch and encourage them to FOLLOW your Page if they haven’t already. Of course, mostly people who are already following your Page would see your post. But, it’s worth putting out the update.”

On that note, encourage the people who have liked your classic page to follow it so that they won’t get left behind once you transition. Your live streams, videos, and most posts won’t be deleted so you don’t have to worry about that too much. But it’s still advisable to create a depository of all your content to easily update your new page should some posts and content not make the cut during the transition.

Once you’ve updated and explored your new page set-up, try going live with BeLive and let us know how it affected your engagement insights!


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