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Five Tips to Help You Build Your Camera Confidence for Your Next Live Stream

Five Tips to Help You Build Your Camera Confidence for Your Next Live Stream

Five Tips to Help You Build Your Camera Confidence for Your Next Live Stream
Molly Mahoney, Camera Confidence Coach

Molly Mahoney, an avid BeLive user and exceptional livestreaming host, spends her days as a camera confidence coach. In other words, she helps people build their camera confidence.

Molly shares great tips in her series for on how to shed your fear of live streaming. In a recent broadcast, she covered five ways to help you speak with clarity.

Follow these five tips and you will find yourself being more confident on camera in your BeLive streams:

  1. YOU are the instrument! What this really emphasizes is the idea that you are what you bring to the camera. This isn’t about the business you have, it’s about YOU. And to work on that, you need to connect with the things that truly make you a unique person!
  2. BFAB Warm-Up! This is a great way to prepare. Molly breaks this down for us. B: Breathe a slow, warm, deep breath, and hiss as you let the air out. F: stretch your Face! Although it may seem weird, it helps relax the muscles so the nerves don’t make you look and feel so tense. Wiggle your mouth around, puff your cheeks out, whatever makes you loosen up! A: warm up your Articulators! Stretch your tongue out with some fun tongue twisters to help prevent stumbling and hesitation while your are live.
    B: you’re not just a floating head, you have a Body and a voice! Stretch out your whole body because that’s important, too.
  3. Practice sound bites! Make a written-out script. So much of the time we are speaking to our audience, and because we are so focused on that, we trip up on our words. Know who you are speaking to and WRITE IT DOWN! Say it out loud! You can even use a recorder to listen how your voice sounds. This really helps you in defining your message.
  4. Set an agenda! By setting an agenda, which you can do way ahead of time with BeLive, you come in prepared and ready to talk about things you prepped for. Even if one of the task is as simple as reminding you to slow down and take a breath, it keeps you on schedule!
  5. Go Live! The best way to get over that on-camera fear is to practice practice practice! The more you go live and broadcast, the more comfortable you will get. Things are going to go wrong, it happens, but the best thing to do about that is to get back up on the horse, you are human, humans make mistakes, and then we recover.

To get access to more tips like this, remember you can join our Facebook group to get access to all the past live streams from Molly to help you build your confidence on camera.

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