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5 Steps To Go Live On YouTube Using BeLive

You can now broadcast on YouTube with BeLive! But is it as easy as broadcasting through Facebook Live? It definitely is!

Are you planning to go live on YouTube today? Here are five simple steps to follow when you’re using BeLive for your YouTube streaming!

1. Verify Your YouTube Account

Before firing up Studio2 for your first ever YouTube broadcast, you will need to have a valid Google and YouTube account. This is a necessary step to confirm your account in the video streaming site.

You will need to verify your YouTube account in the site itself through You have to provide your phone number to receive YouTube’s verification code.

Wait for 24 hours for YouTube to verify your account. If you want a more detailed process on how to validate your account, this fantastic tutorial from Be.Live Support team will be able to help you!

Once you verify your account, you can now choose YouTube as the destination to stream from Studio2. You can also opt to sign in using your YouTube account instead of Facebook.

2. Configure Your Visibility Settings

How you stream on YouTube matters if you’re planning to expand your reach. On Be.Live’s Studio2, you have three options to choose from:

  • Public: All broadcasts are set to public by default. When you select this setting, you are broadcasting to everyone on YouTube, not just the people within your circle. Anyone can go to the search bar and look up your video by typing in the related keywords when you finish the stream.
  • Private: Choose this setting if you want to broadcast to a limited number of people only. Your video will still appear on search results, but people won’t be able to view.
  • Unlisted: With this option, your stream will only be viewable to you and specific people whom you’ve shared the link with. Unlisted videos also do not show up on search results.

You can also change your visibility settings during or after the broadcast. Find out how with this tutorial from Be. Live’s support team!

3. Do A Live Broadcast Test

If this will be your first time going live, it’s a good idea to check for any technical issues. You can do that with Be.Live!

Even before you hit that record button, you can already preload everything in Studio2. If you want to try going live to test all the details of your broadcast, record yourself offline.

With the offline recording feature, you can take a video of yourself on camera, test out all the multimedia you’ll be using as well as the other aspects of your live streams.

You can also test out how the broadcast on YouTube would be like by changing your visibility setting to private or unlisted. You’ll be able to go live on your channel without Check out this tutorial on how to test your live stream with Be.Live on YouTube!


4. Go Live on YouTube

With all the pre-live streaming steps done, you can now go live on YouTube using your Be.Live account!

Make sure you have these essential items before starting your broadcast on YouTube:

  • Computer / laptop
  • Chrome / Safari browser
  • Google account and Youtube Channel
  • Web camera
  • Stable internet connection

Check your internet connection, choose your video resolution, and preload the clips or photos you want to share during your live stream. Choose YouTube as your broadcast destination, log in to your YouTube account, connect your camera, then press “start!”

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial from on how to start going live on YouTube from the Studio2.

5. Engage With Your Audience

Now that you’re already live on YouTube, how can you start expanding your reach? By engaging with your audience, of course!

Ask questions to your viewers and share your own experiences. Make your audience feel more engaged in the broadcast by highlighting the comments they made! Show comments, answers to questions you’ve posted, show promo codes and other information via the crawler, as well as share your topic via the Agenda.

Remember to tell your viewers to write their comments on Top Chat. Check out this tutorial if you’re unsure how to live chat on YouTube. Studio2 will only be able to see chats written there.

To show viewers’ comments on screen, click on the eye symbol next to the comment. Click the eye again to remove it from the screen, as shown in this helpful tutorial.


After the live stream on YouTube ends, you can still continue to engage with your audience to grow your community. Repurpose your stream by downloading the video in HD to use on other platforms.

Try live streaming on YouTube using Be.Live for yourself! Sign up now for FREE!



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  3. I’m trying to do that, but when click to save a schedule nothing happens and no link was create to stream in youtube. When I click start, system say to me: something went wrong, unfortunately.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Have you tried chatting with our support team about this issue? They’re available 24/7. If you haven’t, you can talk to them here:

  4. Youtube Live streaming is going on a lot at the Moment. and this blog is perfect for Youtube live Streaming!!

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