Better. Clearer. Faster Guest Experience with BeLive Mobile App

The new and improved mobile guest experience for BeLive on iOS and Android is now available! We guarantee a better, clearer, and faster experience for your guests.

Better Design

We have made things more seamless. The interface is now less cluttered when you log in using the BeLive App via mobile.

We’ve also removed all unnecessary information to avoid confusion for guests joining for the first time. For instance, we’ve removed the “championship finals” as a sample broadcast.

Clearer instructions

Everything is now concise and on point. There’s no need to click more than what is needed. Guests will know exactly what to do next when joining a live stream or if there’s no existing live stream available.

Faster connection

Your guests can now join live streams faster. There’s no need to click twice when joining a stream unlike before. After installing the app and clicking the guest link, the guest will be able to join the broadcast lobby immediately.

Should they accidentally close the app, no need to worry. They can easily re-join the stream by simply clicking on the guest link. Easy peasy.

Here’s a video to show you how awesome the new version is.



Download the latest version on Google Play and IOS.

If you would like to learn more tips, join our 9000+ community of content creators who are using BeLive.

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