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Top Health And Wellness Live Streamers To Follow Right Now

If you’re looking for health and wellness live steamers to follow, dive into this list to start leading a better life!

What Health and Wellness Live Streamers Do on Broadcast

When it comes to listening to other people’s health tips, it’s important to look for someone with the right knowledge and credibility. After all, you’re taking advice for your health and wellbeing.

Live streaming helps wellness coaches engage with more people, sharing crucial information for them to lead healthier lives right then and there. It also helps them address questions and concerns on the fly, building credibility and loyalty from the viewers.

By using BeLive, they can bring in other expert guests, share real-time insights and comments from the videos, and show important points through crawlers and labels.

The health and wellness coaches below helped people improve and take control of their wellbeing by utilizing live streaming. Get to know these awesome health experts!

Top Notch Nutrition


Founded by Johnny and Bethany Gonzales, Top Notch Nutrition takes its mission of helping others improve their bodies through natural nutrition and supplementation very seriously.

The Gonzaleses share tips and recipes, as well as have weekly catch-ups with their followers to fulfill this mission. They also offer dietary supplements and protein drinks in delicious flavors.

Their Live Q and A sessions every Tuesday allows them to hear out their clients’ concerns and answer them on the spot. They also use live streaming to launch new products and share recipes.

Naomi Whittel

naomi-whittel-health-and-wellness-live streamer-belive

Tagging herself as a wellness explorer, Naomi Whittel believes in the earth’s ability to provide whole ingredients for natural healing. She’s the perfect wellness coach to follow for people who want to rely on organic treatments.

During her live streams, she invites doctors and experts to talk about keto diet, intermittent fasting, and how to keep yourself healthy organically.

Reformation Body Solutions

Reformation Body Solutions aims to transform people’s body and overall wellness by changing their mindset about their life, habits, and tastes. This wellness center does this by sharing recipes, tips, health facts, as well as real-life testimonials.

Lifestyle change can be a long process but Renee Lynn makes it an enjoyable ride by interacting with followers through live streaming. She also invites experts to share important health facts with her audience.

Watch Renee talk about digestion with Dr. Vikki Peterson of Root Cause Medical in the live stream replay below!


HOL-FIT  promotes healthy living through holistic methods and ways. Run by Ange Peters, this company offers programs to improve your health with help from essential oils and other products.

Ange swears by using essential oils to improve overall well-being and she shares this with her clients. Beauty in life starts from taking care of yourself and Ange’s got you covered with that.

Watch her talk about the role of essential oils in giving you healthy, glowing skin below.

If you really want to lead a healthier life, it’s important to have someone who will walk with you through the journey. And live streaming has helped with that!

Which health and wellness live streamer do you plan on following? Share your thoughts below!

Are you also a health and wellness coach with plans to share your knowledge to the world? Start broadcasting to Facebook and YouTube now with BeLive!

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