How to Become an Amazon Influencer - All You Need to Know

How to Become an Amazon Influencer – All You Need to Know

If you are considering becoming an Amazon Influencer – that’s the right time to do so. By now, there are more than 6 million sellers on Amazon, and all of them want their products to be discovered and bought. And this is where creators and influencers step into the game. 

What is Amazon Influencer Program?

Amazon Influencer Program is an extension of the Amazon marketing affiliate program, which is absolutely free to join. This program allows influencers and content creators from around the world to generate affiliate links, share those with their followers and earn commissions on every qualified sale.

What’s the difference between this one and Amazon Associate? Once you are approved for Amazon Influencer Program, you can not only earn commission on your links but also create your own storefront with the products. It’s a great way to organize all your products in one place, so your audience has no problems accessing all the items you promote.

Is Amazon Influencer Program Worth It?

It definitely is! The buzz around Amazon Influencer Program is growing. Google Trends are showing an increase in search queries,  TV stars like Paris Hilton and Porsha Williams are joining the Influencer Program, and more and more influencers are introducing their Amazon storefronts to their followers.

How Much Do Amazon Influencers Make?

It depends. Your earnings may vary from a few dollars a month to thousands of dollars a week. As an influencer, you earn up to 10% per sale. Speaking of percentages, it’s different for different types of products. For example, promoting video games or personal care items will earn you 1% on every sale. By choosing luxury products, you’ll be able to make 10% on a deal.

How To Qualify For Amazon Influencer Program

To qualify for Amazon Influencer Program, you have to have an account with a certain following on any social media listed below:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Facebook

To sign up for the program, you’ll need to sign in to your Amazon account first and then use your social media account to prove your eligibility.

According to Amazon, once they review your application, they look at the number of followers you have in addition to other engagement metrics. Even though there are no specific numbers for acceptance, we recommend first focusing on gaining 1000 followers. Have you already fit the bill? Try to sign up on the Amazon Influencer Program page

If you’re still on the way to reaching your first thousand followers but your engagement is excellent – we’d advise you to try it anyway! Who knows, maybe it’ll work out for you 🙂

For those being accepted – hooray, congratulations! If it didn’t work out this time – no worries! Here is a general instruction on what to do.

  1. Choose one social media channel that you’re going to focus on. 
  2. Create a content strategy for 3 months
  3. Start posting consistently and do your best to grow your following.

How To Make Money As An Amazon Influencer  

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll probably see the opportunities around Amazon Influencer Program. So how can you actually benefit from it?

 There are 3 ways of earning commissions as an Amazon Influencer:

  • Sharing links to products in your storefront with your audience via different social media channels;
  • Streaming on Amazon Live;
  • Creating shoppable videos.

Let’s talk in detail about every option mentioned above.

Sharing Affiliate Links With Your Audience

You can earn commissions by sharing links to specific products or advertising your Amazon Influencer Storefront. When it comes to the storefront, there is a convenient short link that is really easy to promote verbally in your YouTube shorts, IG stories, or FB posts. 

Among the most famous influencers who follow this practice is Leticia Gardner, who promotes her Amazon storefront and other products in the content she creates.  

Streaming On Amazon Live

Dr. Elo Streaming on Amazon Lice with Be.LiveAnother excellent opportunity to earn commissions as Amazon Influencer is to go live on Amazon Live. It’s a perfect way to build additional income and a great chance to gain new followers. 

How does it work? You sign up to Amazon Live using your Amazon Influencer account and start creating streams with Be.Live. Once you become an Insider (level of experience on Amazon Live), your live shows will be shown on the pages of the products you talk about. Every buyer checking on the Amazon item will see YOUR stream. It’s a very promising direction considering that more than 300 million customers are surfing Amazon yearly.

Learn More About Amazon Live

Creating Shoppable Videos

As an Amazon Influencer, you can also earn commissions by creating shoppable videos. These short footage are displayed on Amazon product pages and allow customers to see the product and how it can be used.

Whenever someone watches your video and makes a purchase within 24 hours, you earn a commission on that sale. How cool is that?

If you’re streaming on Amazon Live, you can simply repurpose your live streams with Be.Live Editor and boost your chances of reaching even more potential buyers.

What Do The Best Amazon Influencer Pages Look Like?

Amazon doesn’t allow Influencers to customize their storefront asset positioning, but it’s possible to stand out with your personal brand colors and design elements. 

We prepared the best examples of Amazon Influencers’ Storefronts below.

Laura Fuentes – MOMables

Laura is a blogger with 55k followers on her Momables blog, who promotes all kinds of kitchen tools and lunch supplies in her Amazon storefront. 

Her storefront clearly communicates what products she uses and how they can benefit potential buyers. It’s an excellent example of a clear message and how your Idea lists can be organized. 

David Nguyen – Utopia

David has more than 11k followers on Instagram and 22k followers on YouTube. His primary expertise is technologies and gadgets. Personal pictures on the storefront support his brand, and the store description communicates his content clearly. 

By the way, David has been a part of the Amazon Influence program for over 2 years and made $70k by actively streaming on Amazon Live

Helene and David – The French Glow

That’s a great example of partners building their shop around different kinds of reviews (their main focus is skincare, though). Helene is a model with more than 33k followers. Her husband, David Kim, is an influencer as well. Their positioning and personal brand are easy to capture and remember.

How Traditional Streamers Can Transition To Amazon Live

The main idea of Amazon Live streams remains the same – you bring value to your viewers and do what you do best: share your experience and expertise. As for a live streamer who gets used to streaming on other social media platforms, adding Amazon Live as a new destination won’t be a problem. 

The only difference that comes to mind is that you should solemnly focus on the product in your Amazon Live streams. There is a place for storytelling and additional educational information, but you have to remember that you’re there to sell, and the potential customers aim to buy something.

So try to put yourself in your buyers’ shoes and ask yourself the following questions, “What are the best features of this thing? What might be my concerns when I consider purchasing this one? Is there an alternative I can have for this one?”. By answering these, you’ll be able to create the best vibe and drag your audience’s attention to your live shows.

When it comes to technical aspects, to go live on Amazon Live, you’ll have to have either iPad or iPhone since there is no app available for Android. It also takes time to get used to operating the app since you have to use your phone to switch products in the carousel. But all of these are very intuitive, and after a few streams, you’ll be able to navigate it easily.

Tips For Facebook or YouTube Creators Looking To Transition To Amazon Live

Here are a few tips for those considering the transition from Facebook and YouTube to Amazon Live:

  • Follow influencers on Amazon Live and explore how they sell. The best way to learn about the platform is to become its customer.
  • Join a community of influencers who stream on Amazon Live. 
  • Decide what niche you’re going to focus on. Creating content around specific topics will help you build your Amazon following.
  • Multistream! Invite people from Facebook and YouTube to join your Amazon Live Streams.
  • Schedule your Amazon live streams and advertise them across all your social media channels.
  • Make sure to engage your audience by using third-party solutions such as Be.Live 
  • As it comes to every platform, you’ll have to go live consistently, and the rewards will not keep you waiting!

How To Keep Your Viewers Engaged On Amazon Live?

If you wonder how to make your audience stop the scroll, unmute your stream and start watching your show, then we have some ideas for you.

AI Comment Assistant

There is no better way to entertain your audience than to talk to them in real-time. And it’s possible with Be.Live AI Comment Assistant! Your audience comments will be automatically shown right in a live show. You won’t need to click anything or spend time reading all of the comments – our AI will take care of it. 

By the way, according to our study, showing comments in streams increases engagement x3 times. 


Giveaways are still one of humanity’s best inventions for driving engagement and sales. If you’re wondering what’s the best way to run a giveaway in your Amazon Live stream, consider using the following Be. Live’s widgets.


Every time you get a new follower – their profile picture will be added to the live stream and will move around the screen, similar to the game “Snake.” No worries, it won’t crush, and you won’t need to start it over again. Once the stream is over, you’ll be able to pick your winner with ease. 


The mechanism behind the “Jar” is the same as it is for the “Snake” widget. The only difference is that your followers’ profile pictures will be gathered in a beautiful jar displayed in the stream instead of moving around.


Adding Media files such as photos and videos is another great tool for driving engagement and entertaining your audience. With Be.Live, you can upload pictures from your computer or Facebook page, link YouTube videos or share your screen. All of these make people stay with you longer, giving you more chances to share valuable information about the products you promote.


If you still doubt whether becoming Amazon Influencer is something you might be interested in, just give it a go! It’s a growing trend, and there is a great chance to catch the wave.


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