How to Connect with Your Viewers using Comedy

One of the best things you can do to connect with someone is to make them laugh. Sounds easy right? Unfortunately, making people laugh is actually not as easy as it sounds. Thankfully, Owen Video was able to get variety comedian and actor Megan Bryant to share with you a few improv techniques that you can apply in your daily life to help you create connections during your live stream with comedy.

A few questions often asked is “How do I improv? How can I make people laugh? How can I become funny? What if no one laughs or reacts?”

Megan says that there are 3 rules of improv that can keep your show upbeat.

Suspend Judgement

When you go on live streaming, one of the things that you most likely worry about is how other people will perceive you, your content, your background, and even how you sound and look. This could actually paralyze you and lead you to blank out which is not a good thing to happen especially if you are LIVE.

Stay true to your content and always remember why it matters to you and why it is important. Share it in a way that you believe in and just let go of any judgment of yourself and of others that you may have. How you come across should be the real you and this is how you will attract the right audience.

If someone disagrees with you and leaves negative comments, allow them to have their opinion as much as you are able to dish out your own opinion. There is no need to go head to head with these people. To each his own.

Be Prepared to Participate Fully

You need to always stay present and in the moment even if there is only one viewer. Treat that one viewer as a VVIP. If there is no one, stay with yourself. Remember that a lot of people watch the replay instead of the live show so treat your live show as if more than a thousand people are actually watching.

With the BeLive App, this becomes easier because you can highlight funny comments and questions on your screen to further engagement and show appreciation for your viewers.

You can even keep things on the lower third display to let new viewers know what is being discussed even if they jump in the middle of the show. You can also screen share to show funny photos while keeping things in order with the Agenda feature.

Yes AND …

One of the biggest rules of improv is the “yes and ….” rule. This means that you are saying yes to an idea while the word “and” allows you to bring your ideas while allowing others to throw in theirs. It allows a door opening and for things to propel forward. It allows you to accept reality, take control, and move forward. Yes and allows for engagement and connections to be made during your live stream videos.

You end up including people in the conversation by taking what they throw in the comment and taking it forward together. You listen to yourself and thereby ensure that what you are delivering will mean something to someone regardless if they are watching it liver on via replay later on.

Lastly, don’t learn to be funny. Look for what connects you to people or what truly sets you apart then focus on that. Draw attention to the similarities or differences in a non-aggressive way.

Catch the full video below if you would like to get more tips from our very own Live Video Growth Coach, Owen Video.



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