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How to Go Live on Facebook with a Pre-Recorded Video Using Premiere

You want to go live on Facebook, but your schedule is crazy. You can record a video, but you want to get the benefits of a Facebook Live, too. So, what to do? In this blog post, you’ll learn how to go live on Facebook with a pre-recorded video using Facebook Premiere.

Premieres are an excellent way of scheduling your video content when you are unable to go live at your regular time. Record your video in advance and then create a Premiere to replace your live broadcast.

How to Go Live on a Facebook Page with Premiere? 

Facebook PremiereFacebook and Youtube both have the facility to play pre-recorded video as if it were live. 

With Premiere, you can: 

  • Upload the video 
  • Schedule a play date 
  • Set the video as a Premiere 

Just like a scheduled Facebook or YouTube Live, viewers can sign up to receive reminders and join you when the video starts to play.

The Advantages of Premieres

It is against Facebook’s policy to stream a pre-recorded video and claim that it is a live broadcast. However, there are just special circumstances in which you want to play a pre-recorded video as a live broadcast. For example, if you have a product launch, you want to record the video ahead of time while getting the engagement of a live broadcast. That’s exactly the problem that a Premiere solves.

  • You are playing a pre-recorded video as a live broadcast, but without violating Facebook’s TOS. 
  • You get to be part of the viewer experience while answering questions in the comment section. 

Guidelines of Going Live on Facebook with a Premiere Video 

According to Facebook, you can premiere videos on any Page, as long as you have admin access. 

Requirements of the pre-recorded video: 

  • The video must be at least 30 seconds in length.
  • It needs to be 30 frames per second or less.
  • It can be no larger than 1920 x 1080p.
  • The file size can’t exceed 10GB.
  • The suggested video format is MP4.

Most videos that are new to Facebook are eligible for Premieres. The following are NOT allowed:

  • Previously Live videos (unless they’ve been edited and repackaged, such as highlights or recaps).
  • Syndicated series previously released on the Internet (except for their very first upload to Facebook).
  • Films previously released on the Internet.
  • Videos previously premiered or uploaded on Facebook.

If you already have a Facebook Live and you want to try to premiere it, you can easily trim the best parts of it with BeLive’s Video Editor. What’s great about it is that you’ll easily see the most liked or commented part of the live broadcast without having to comb through the entire clip. You can also add text, which is perfect for a Premiere. This method allows you to publish previously live content, but without violating Facebook’s rules (since you’re only publishing a clip and not the entire thing). 

Guidelines of Streaming a Premiere Video on YouTube

Essentially, YouTube has the same rules when it comes to a video premiere: You can’t use previously live-streamed content and premiere it. Read YouTube’s guidelines and tips for a YouTube Premiere here. 

Here’s how to schedule a premiere on Facebook: 

  1. On your Facebook page, select “New Post” and “Video.”
  2.  Upload the video.
  3.  Add title, description and tags.
  4.  Upload a cover image
  5.  Select Premiere.
  6. Set the date and time the Premiere will start. You can optionally cross-post the video to other business pages.
  7. Save the Video, and you are now ready to promote your Premiere.

Here’s how to schedule a premiere on YouTube:

  1. Select the  Upload option on your Youtube page.
  2. Select the video from your computer. 
  3. Add the title, description and cover image.
  4. Add the video to playlists.
  5. Add the tags
  6. If you want to premiere your video right away, click “Set as Instant Premiere.” 
  7. If you want to schedule it, enter a date and time, and click “Schedule Premiere.” 

Premiere: Best Way to Start Streaming on YouTube and Facebook 

If you’ve been planning to start streaming on YouTube or Facebook but you don’t want to go live yet, scheduling a Premiere is the best option for you. You’ll be able to enjoy the perks of live content with a pre-recorded video. 

Have you tried launching a Premiere before? How was your experience? Did you like it better than Facebook or YouTube Live? 

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