How To Live Stream For The First Time
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How To Live Stream For The First Time

Years ago, you would need complicated software and expensive equipment to learn how to live stream successfully. Today, you only need a laptop, browser, and strong internet to broadcast professional-looking videos in the comfort of your home. Here’s how!

How to Live Stream with BeLive

There’s no need to purchase every live streaming equipment or software you can find. You can properly and safely go live with the gears you already have at home thanks to BeLive!


You just have to log in to your account through your Facebook, YouTube, or Gmail account and you’ll be good to go!



Before going live, however, you need to set up a few things for a flawless live broadcast. Here are some things to prepare.


Your Checklist

Sure, you don’t need to download any sophisticated software to go live with BeLive, but you do need a few stuff on your checklist.

  • Desktop. As your command center, your computer needs to have a proper source of power and enough storage space.
  • Camera, headset, and microphone. Most laptops are equipped with a webcam, speaker, and microphone you can use to go live right away. But if you want to upgrade, then youcan add an external camera and audio setup.
  • Strong internet connection. To go live with no glitches, you need to have a strong internet connection. Connect your PC to a LAN cable to avoid surprises.

Here’s a cool post on how to make your live stream look more professional.


Testing Your Broadcast

Now that you’ve set up your camera and sound, you can check if everything’s working fine through the Test Broadcast option, which is free to use in BeLive! You can record and download several practice videos to check how you look on camera, your audio feed, and your video transitions without broadcasting them to the public.

Follow this helpful article on how to test your broadcast. Try it for yourself now!


Start Live Streaming


You are now ready to live stream!

Go live on your Facebook profile, a page or group you manage, or Youtube channel; or on any two of these options simultaneously! Check out this blog post for more detailed instructions on how to live stream using BeLive.


Preparing for Your Live


Choose the Topic and Type of Live Stream

Can you imagine going live and panicking because you have no idea what you’re supposed to say? Viewers won’t appreciate hours of pointless rambling!


You do need to give value to your viewers in order to catch their attention and retain their interest.

According to best-selling author and live streamer Davante Goins’ SLAB Method, you need to figure out these five basic elements before going live.

  1. Who your ideal audience is
  2. When you’ll do the show
  3. Where to broadcast
  4. Why you’re going live
  5. What it will be about

Once you’ve figured these out, then you can move on to the type of live show to do. It can be an interview, live selling, product demo, or tutorial. After a few lives, you’ll naturally figure out which ones work best for you.

I personally LOVE doing tutorials. It’s a great way to give value to your viewers and you can interact freely with them by answering questions.


Build Your Confidence on Camera

You know what’s the best thing about public speaking? You can learn and teach it! That’s what BeLive’s own Camera Confidence Coach Molly Mahoney believes in!


Most people don’t want to face the camera because they’re afraid of making mistakes. But even the most experienced hosts have blundered a couple of times in the past. 

Mishaps won’t kill you. In fact, it can build trust. Viewers will see how human you are and will relate better with you. You just have to take note of those mistakes and improve in future shows.

Here are some tips on how to be more confident when doing a live show:

  1. Set your agenda and practice. This BeLive feature is a lifesaver for a lot of our users! With it, you can set up your show outline right on your screen and even practice before the live starts.
  2. Rev up your energy. You need to increase your energy in order to transfer that to your audience.
  3. Prepare your assets. Prepare the photos, videos, and presentations you want to show ahead of time to avoid dead air.

Be more confident on camera with this article and this blog post. Check out this article to know what you shouldn’t do while live.


How to Benefit from Live Streaming

There are a lot of ways to benefit from live streaming. Check out a few of them here:

  • Schedule your liveSchedule your live consistently. When you live streaming on a regular basis, viewers will remember your brand and will anticipate your future shows.
  • Promote your showPost it all over social media and everywhere else you can to reach a wider range of people.
  • Provide value to your followers – How can you turn a casual viewer into a loyal supporter? By addressing their needs.


Find out what you need to know about live streaming with this BeLive Weekly video with host Owen Hemsath.

Now that you’ve learned how to live stream and why it’s important in growing your community, it’s time to schedule your first broadcast.

You don’t need to be scared. Just log into your BeLive account now, take the plunge, and improve as you go!

Here are some more helpful resources on how to live stream using BeLive:

Want to share live streaming tips and tricks with other BeLivers? Join our online community to interact with more than 20k live streaming enthusiasts, business-minded people, and content creators.

Schedule your first live now and watch your community grow tenfold once you start streaming regularly!


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