How To Make A YouTube Video 101 (Making Videos That Get Followers)

How to Make Your YouTube Video

Are you ready to get noticed online? Wondering how you can get your brand ranked above others in your industry or niche? YouTube is theway to go because it allows you to create searchable content that Google suggests in its search. Creating video can be incrediibly fun…but also requires some work. Here are a few tips to streamline the process for if you’re newer to video  that will also get your videos clicked on more than other videos in the same space whether you’re new or seasoned!


What To Record Your Video With

When it comes to recording, you should always use the best technology you have access to and you have the ability to use. But quality equipment doesn’t always mean a quality production—terrible videos have been shot on high-end equipment, while some fabulous videos have been shot on cell phones. Use the best equipment you’re able to use, but even if it’s not the best, your content can still stand out on YouTube.


  • Cameras—both professional cameras and consumer-level point-and-shoot cameras can be used to film yourself. Be sure to use a tripod to keep the footage steady—it’s an instant turn off if it’s shaky. Take a little time to learn how your camera works and practice before filming your videos.


  • Cell Phones—as a device you always have with you, this is a great way to record while you’re on the go or if you don’t have experience with cameras. We recommend using a tabletop tripod to keep your footage steady.


  • BeLive—with both live recording and offline recording now available, you don’t have to worry about figuring out other devices to record, nor do you have to worry about adding overlays and graphics later on. You can use backgrounds, overlays, words on the screen, screen share and more while you’re recording, saving you time later because you’re doing it in-the-moment instead of going back and editing it later.



How To Light Your Video

Lighting a video properly can also improve your watch time. Viewer like to be able to see the person speaking in the videos they are watching, so videos that are well-lit often receive more engagement.


Natural Light

Use natural light from a window or door to light your video. This always looks best. Should it be a darker day, there are a few tricks to enhance your natural light, like working with reflectors or artificial lighting.



Use reflectors to bounce light. This could be anything from a light-colored wall to a professional 5-in-1 reflector you can get on Amazon cheaply, to white foam board. For an added kick of light with white foam board—which is like posterboard but thicker—wrap it in aluminum foil and angle the board to bounce the natural light to where you’ll be positioned while filming the video.


Artificial Light

If working with natural light and reflectors isn’t an option, use artificial light, but ensure it’s a white-based light bulb instead of yellow-based light to help you achieve a natural look. If you’d like to look into a more professional light source than a lamp, research umbrella lights and ring lights, many of which can be found on Amazon for a good price.


Audio Can Make Or Break Your Video

While visuals are important in a video, viewers can occasionally forgive poor lighting. They will not, however, forgive poor audio. If they can’t hear what you’re presenting, they’ll click away from your video.

 Use the best possible sound equipment you have. Ensure you’re in a quiet space when recording with no other sounds in the background.


Planning Your Videos for Success

The best way to succeed on YouTube is to create content that is binge-worthy. YouTube wants you to create content that keeps people on the platform so they can show more ads to people, so creating a playlist of videos that tie together will bump up your watch time. 

  • Create content in themes
  • Use content that is clearly connected to each other
  • Flow from one video to another by letting people know what is coming in the next video


 Optimize Your Video 

Use specific calls-to-action during your video to encourage viewers to watch more of your videos.

  • Remind them to watch specific past videos that connect to your topic
  • Tell them what they will learn in the next video
  • Remind them to subscribe and hit the notification bell so they don’t miss any of your videos
  • Remind them the day(s) of the week that you release new videos


Use Captions and Pinned Comments To Your Advantage

Within your captions, be sure to give information that will lead viewers to your next video, as well as links to past videos that are relevant to the topic you are discussing. In an upcoming article, we’ll be talking about specifically what to write in your captions to help get your videos ranked higher on YouTube.


Pinned comments are helpful because people will take the time to look at those more than your caption. Use Pinned comments to ask a question viewers can answer in the comments.


BONUS: Video File Optimization

YouTube analyzes everything you put on its platform, including file names. Always name your video file with your video title before uploading to help with your SEO.



Practice Makes (Nearly) Perfect

While your videos don’t have to be flawless, the more you practice delivering your content, the better you’ll do when you record your video. Work out the bugs before you start recording so that you feel more comfortable once it’s time to record.


Recording And Uploading

Once you feel like your content is ready, record your video. If it requires editing, edit away and then upload. If you recorded it through BeLive’s offline recording, you likely don’t need to edit anything, so it’s time to upload your footage.


Next Step

Once your footage is uploading, it’s time to start adding in your title, caption, tags, and thumbnail that will help you get noticed on YouTube. In the next article, we’re breaking down how to create a title that gets more clicks than the others.


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Editor’s note: This post was originally published on September 29, 2019 and has been edited for new updates

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