How to Monetize your Stream without Sounding Like a Salesy Weirdo

You have probably wanted to monetize your stream for a long time now but were worried that you would come off as being weird or trying too hard.

Molly Mahoney of The Prepared Performer recently did a show on BeLive’s Twitch Channel on how to help you earn money from your stream in an authentic way.

Be on a Mission

When you have a purpose for your live stream, it’s easier to do it because you have an end in mind. When you have a purpose that you want to fulfill, it becomes easier to keep going on and stay focused when you try to monetize your video. Since you have a mission that you are validating, you won’t come off as being too pushy or aggressive.

It’s important to have a goal in mind, and one thing that has been a big game changer for our community is setting both a Business Objective and a more mission-based Intention.

The business Objective is usually tied to a sale or a specific opt-in for a funnel or conversation. The Intention is the experience you want your community to have whether or no they ever decide to say yes to your offer. That way, you can continue to stay in a place of gratitude and giving and also make sure you are seeing results!

When you have an end goal, you can easily create a content calendar because everything will revolve around that mission. It no longer becomes “what will you talk about” and instead, it will be “what are the next steps you can take to achieve the mission?”

Know who you are speaking to

If you’re still new to Twitch and feel uncomfortable, keep one person in mind who could benefit from your live stream, and speak to them all throughout the show. It will ease your nerves and make you feel that you are not alone.

This also works when you try to monetize the stream because you don’t feel like you’re “selling” to a crowd, rather, you are pitching to someone which makes it less nerve-wracking.

When you create video content, you need to know who you’re delivering your content to so that you can become more specific and goal driven.

What problem can your brand/product solve?

When you want to sell something, this is the main thing that you want to be answered. If you can:

  • point out a problem
  • provide a solution
  • provide an easier alternative
  • provide a cheaper way to get things done
  • provide a better solution to the current situation

You have something that people want and it makes it easier to monetize your stream. It will even seem effortless.

A screenshot of Molly’s Twitch stream using the Agenda feature in the lower thirds.

You can also maximize BeLive’s Agenda feature when you’re using Twitch so that while you are streaming, you can just keep the agenda on the stream so that twitchers who may be passing by can see what the show is about in a snap.

There are still more tips that Molly has shared but to get to that, you need to watch the full video below.

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