How to Repurpose Your Live Stream Content in 2023
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How To Repurpose Your Live Stream Content in 2023

Want to produce x2 amount of content without losing in quality? Easy! In this blog post, we’ll tell you how to repurpose your live stream content into multiple pieces and leverage it to grow your online presence.

What Is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing is basically recycling already existing content into new formats for reaching an even wider audience. For example, you can take a live stream and turn it into a Reels, TikTok, blog post, or podcast. Thus you’ll be able to connect with the people who prefer engaging through any of the mediums mentioned above and expand your reach with almost zero effort. 

Why Repurpose Content? 

There are many resources we’re limited in, but the most valuable for all of us is time. Content repurposing saves creators and businesses dozens of working hours. Instead of spending time creating something from scratch, you simply pick some of your live streams, blog posts, or social media posts and turn those into fresh content.

Also, if you produce long-form content, such as live streams, videos, and webinars, they’re probably over 30-40 minutes long. Viewers have different preferences regarding the time they’re willing to commit to a piece of content based on how much they value it. Some viewers today love longer content, but most of them don’t. However, that doesn’t mean long-form content is not valuable anymore. There will always be a place for it.

Think about it this way – repurposing allows you to give a snippet of what your long-form content is all about. It gives you an opportunity to reach a new type of audience with a vastly different way of consuming content. It’s like a “trailer” or a “preview” to hook audiences to your long-form content later on.

What Content To Repurpose?

Given the benefits repurposing can bring to your content creation flow, you can basically recycle any content you have: live streams, recorded videos, webinars, blog posts, and so on and so forth. 

If we talk topic-wise, we’d recommend focusing on evergreen content that will consistently bring you traffic throughout the years. If you choose between repurposing a video with the topic “How To Go Live On Amazon Live?” and “Facebook Glitch – January 2023”, you’d better off choosing the first one because all of the glitches will eventually be fixed, but people will always explore live streaming and the opportunities behind it. 

How to Repurpose Your Live Stream Content

To repurpose your live streams, you’ll have to:

  • Pick a live stream with the evergreen topic;
  • Choose the format you’d like to turn your live show into;
  • Use the necessary third-party solution for editing.

Let’s talk about these more specifically.

Repurposing Live Stream Into TikTok, Reels, YouTube Shorts

To repurpose your live show into 16:9 format (which is the format that suits TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts) you’ll only need to trim your video and crop it.

If you stream with Be.Live, you won’t need to go through a tedious process of downloading your live stream, and then uploading it to a different program. With Be.Live Video Editor you’ll be able to repurpose your live stream in a few clicks right in your browser. Besides that, there is an opportunity to add custom designs, text, and repurpose your snippet to other platforms just in one click. We bet you’ll love it!

Try Be.Live Editor 

If you stream with other streaming solutions, you’d need to:

  1. Download your live stream; 
  2. Upload it to your phone; 
  3. Use free apps like InShot or VN for editing; 
  4. Upload your trimmed and cropped video to social media.

You can also edit your live shows on your desktop with the following programs:

It’s worth mentioning that the same process applies to repurposing any video content out there.

Repurposing Live Stream Into Blog Post

Repurposing Q&A live streams and especially interviews with the experts into blog posts is a powerful thing! 

You can easily turn your live stream’s audio into written content with the solutions like Lately or Temi and voila. You have the main points and comments in a Google Doc ready for repurposing. 

This option is definitely not a magic wand that will do all the job for you, but it’s still a great help when it comes to converting video to written form. It allows you to implement bulk content creation in your process and reach your audience with both: visual and written materials.

Repurposing Live Stream Into Podcast

Podcasts are there, and they keep blooming, which is why converting live streams to this audio format is a must-do for everyone who’s seeking new audiences. 

When it comes to editing tools, you can use the same programs we mention for repurposing videos into TikTok-Reels-Shorts format. You can also use Be.Live Video Editor and make all your editing in the cloud-based studio hassle-free. It is also possible to use podcast editing tools to create a polished final product that will keep your audience coming back for more.

An Example Of Repurposed Live Stream

Example Of Repurposed Live Stream

Beauty Haul with Kyle Richards and Portia Umansky, Streamed on Amazon Live

There are dozens of beautifully repurposed live shows out there. One of the top representatives in content recycling is Amazon Live. They literally repurpose every part of their shows into TikToks and encourage their audience to follow the link in the bio to watch the full version of their streams.

Worth mentioning that they also do it in a very smart way. Once you follow the link in their bio, you see the screenshots of the videos from their TikTok profile. By clicking on a specific screenshot, you’re taken to the exact live stream you want to watch. They use LikeShop solution for creating this amazing funnel. It’s definitely worth the attention of those who are considering putting together their repurposing strategy. 

Live Stream Repurposing: Best Practices

Live streams differ from other types of content. Real-time conversations, technical hiccups, and unpredictable “heroes” who jump in on the background influence the quality of the final result. Having a before-going-live checklist is a great move to ensure your live shows are well-suited for repurposing.

Among the most common practices are:

  • Checking your and your guests’ internet connection;
  • Making sure to put your phones in airplane mode, so there are no distractions during a live stream;
  • Creating a script before a show;
  • Sharing script with the guest so that they can prepare themselves beforehand

Once you’re done with your live stream – you’ll have to find the most eye-catchy and insightful moments for your audience. In Be.Live Video Editor you can use an interactive timeline for picking the best-performing parts of your live stream. You’ll see what parts of your show got the biggest number of comments and reactions. It’ll allow you to repurpose those moments into snippets.

If your audience had a strong response to certain moments while you were live, you can be confident that these will draw the attention of others viewing your posts on social media.

Pro tip: Having a script will be a huge help at the stage of repurposing. You’ll be able to easily navigate through a recorded live stream and cut out the needed parts.


Repurposing is a great option for those who want to save time and get the most out of the content they create. Saving 3-4 hours a day on a piece of content is a great opportunity to invest: even though the learning curve might feel stiff in the beginning, it will definitely pay off in the long run. If you still have questions or feel like something wasn’t covered clearly, please drop your questions in the comments. 

Let us dare to say, “Repurposing is the New King”!

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