How To Stand Out, Attract Leads & Improve Sales With Social Media

Stand out from the crowd and prepare to generate more leads for better sales by using your social media to the fullest!

It’s essential to set yourself apart from others if you want to reach all your goals for this year. But how do you do that? How do you stand out from a lot of other live streamers offering the same value as you?

The answer is simple: You need to maximize your social media!

Here are some tips Molly Mahoney of The Prepared Performer shared on how to stand out from the crowd!

1. Optimize Your Personal Profile

Establish a balance between business and personal in your personal profile. It should introduce who you are and tells the visitor what your business is. It should invite people to establish a relationship with you!

How can you optimize your personal profile?

  • Include links that work and not broken. Then add call-to-action for visitors to join your free group.
  • Use only one featured photo so it won’t take up loads of space.
  • Make sure to publish publicly to help people see that you’re active.


2. Create a Biz Page Biz Card

What does that mean exactly?

If you’re using your personal page for your business, you can maximize it by linking it to a brochure-like business page. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown biz page, too!

Include your business information in a pinned post, including what you’re offering. But you don’t need to update it all the time.

You can also create one for challenges, promotions, and a lot of other things, then link it to your profile.

3. Go to Selfie Town


When you go live, you’re already dressed to be on camera. So what should you do? Take as many selfies as you can!

Do it every week! Schedule it! Then save your selfies in a folder for future use.

You can use these selfies for the promotion of your page and services. After all, you are your own model!

4. Water the Seeds of Belief

Give your viewers content that they can actually use. Teach them the right stuff to help them reach their goals! You can then increase your sales at the same time.

Make sure to give your audience the right content and water their seeds to grow into the impressive tree that they should be!

Watering these seeds will help them turn into a tree that flourishes for the better!

5. Create Tree Content

Pick out the most important steps in your tree of belief and make sure you help people move up the tree without a problem.

To do that successfully, make sure your tree is establishing your values. It should contain the beliefs that people need to buy from you.

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These are just half of Molly’s tips to stand out and attract leads to your live stream! Watch ALL 10 of them below so you can crush all of your 2019 goals and prepare for 2020! You can also watch the video directly on Molly’s channel now!

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