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How To Use Be.Live For The BEST Interviews

It’s always great to invite a distinguished guest to your live stream! But how can you get the most from the interview? Here are some useful tips from Owen and his guest Jenny Quinn, on how to get the BEST interviews with Be.Live!

Get Comfortable

Before diving into any kind of interview or live streaming, for that matter, you need to be completely comfortable with your platform. Although Be.Live is so easy to use, you still have to get to know it before starting your broadcast.

Doing this will allow you to focus on the interview instead of on how to run the show.

Get comfortable with Be. Live’s functionality. Then you’ll have more time to enjoy the broadcast!

It doesn’t end with getting familiar with your equipment either. The most important tip to remember is to always prep for your interview!

Know What You’re Doing

The guests you bring into your live stream can be unpredictable. So it’s important to be in control of your show. Create a framework for the broadcast and share this with your guest.

Once you know how your show should go, you can set rules or guidelines for you and your guest to follow. Decide the non-negotiables of your broadcast, such as should it family-friendly or will you allow them to promote their products or services.

You may want to send guide questions to your guest a few days before the scheduled live. Then again, some may want to keep their interview more free-flowing and spontaneous.

Whatever you prefer, you should know what your show is about and how you want it to flow.

Here’s a little nugget from Owen about prepping for an interview:

The more you invest into prepping and getting to know your guest, the better that interview will be.

Invite Relevant Guests

If you’ve come up with the content calendar for your show, you can plan ahead and invite relevant guests to the topics you want to broadcast. They don’t need to be 100% an expert in that field, but they do need to be able to provide relevant information for that show’s theme or topic.

A great example of this is inviting a mental health expert to talk about mentally preparing yourself for a show. You won’t be doing your page any favors by inviting a fitness coach instead.

There are tons of other tips you can follow to make your interview a success. Owen and Jenny certainly do have more to share with you. Get more awesome tips on how to do the best interviews from Owen’s Be.Live Weekly show! Or watch it below!

Like Owen, make your interviews look and sound professional, as well as more credible by utilizing all the fantastic features Be.Live has to offer!

Customize your background with your own branding colors and logo, show the outline of your show with a customizable agenda, showcase people’s comments by pushing them into the stream, and more!

Don’t have a Be.Live account yet? Sign up now and start interviewing relevant people!

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