Join us in celebrating BeLive’s second birthday!

Last year, we had a 15 hour Facebook LIVE conference with more than 50 hosts on our first birthday! This time around, we decided that we should celebrate with all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood because everyone on BeLive is a STAR!

This year, we decided to recognize some of the most amazing superstars in the community by holding our very first BeLive Awards Show where we have 16 categories with at least 3 nominees each. We decided to hold an Oscar-like awards show because we feel that our community deserves a star treatment. After all, what can be more glamorous than an awards night where you get to dress up ala Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, or Marlon Brando.

The BeLive Awards Show will recognize not only the Best Male or Female Host but also give recognition to those who have constantly helped make the community better and brighter.

Each nominee was picked by the BeLive team based on their shows. A voting poll was then created where over 2000+ votes were cast. Amazing right? We, too, were overwhelmed with all the love and support for our BeLivers and we know that they were definitely over the moon as well. The winners were then picked based solely on the number of votes.

Of course, a show wouldn’t be a show without a great audience which is why we are inviting YOU, yes YOU, to watch the BeLive Awards Show with us on October 15, 2018, starting at 12 noon.

You’ll get the chance to see all of the nominees, learn from the winners on how they maximize their live stream and build their communities along with other tips and tricks that could help you out, meet the BeLive team from around the world, connect with other BeLivers, and best of all, win exciting prizes!

Below is the schedule of the show broken down for you. We look forward to having an even more amazing show from last year and to making our 3rd year even more awe-inspiring.

BeLive Awards Schedule

Find out if your favorite BeLiver was nominated and if they won by tuning in with us. Plus, get the chance to win exciting prizes, including free one year of BeLive Standard plan.

Click here to get a reminder once we’re live.

Keep BeLiving!

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