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LinkedIn Live and Why it Matters

Almost everyone has made the jump on the live streaming wagon. We have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. When LinkedIn finally joined the game years later, there were two reactions.

One said, “Isn’t it a little too late?”

The other one, “Finally!”

We’re part of the latter group and here are a few reasons why we believe that LinkedIn Live matters and why it’s never too late.

Most Requested Feature

The fact that this has been the most requested feature on LinkedIn proves that there is a clamor for it. There is a need which means that there is an audience and what an audience it will be. With 562 million users that remain untapped in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn proves that they are not a social media platform meant for oldies.

Digital Word of Mouth

They said that in the old days, word of mouth was how you become popular. When people talk about your product, people learn about it. Nowadays, it’s all digital and being seen on a news feed. With LinkedIn, you get to actually combine both which is what makes it more attractive.

LinkedIn allows your brand to grow through word of mouth which is why it is also the top rated social media platform for lead generation. With LinkedIn, it is not just who you know such as on other social media platforms but who your connections knows.


We all know that anyone who is first to use a new feature gets the biggest share of the pie. Since LinkedIn Live is still in beta and by invite only, getting dibs gives your brand a bigger advantage over others should you get in on the action.

Here to stay

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is in it for the long haul. The fact that Microsoft owns it now should be a testament to that. The constant progress and improvement is also proof that LinkedIn is not something to scoff at. They may be late to the game but it does not mean that they can be set aside.

Taking all these into consideration, your brand would do well to partner with a social media platform that is also in it for the long haul.

Become a Thought Leader

With LinkedIn Live, you can easily and strategically brand yourself as an expert among experts or what others refer to as a thought leader. When you constantly go live and do a series of Q&A, you are given the opportunity to clear up things and explain the nitty gritty of what you do. If there are events that you attend, you can bring in your connections and their connections with you via LinkedIn Live.

You can also do product releases, unboxing, and demos via LinkedIn Live and know that you are tapping the right connections. This guarantees that your hard work will not be for nothing.

If those things are not your cup of tea, then you can simply do a weekly wrap up of industry news in your niche to establish that you are on top of everything that is happening in your community. This will also help brand you as an expert among experts.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to live streaming and now that LinkedIn has joined the fun, the possibilities have just doubled.

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