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LinkedIn Live: How to Apply and Get Approved

Seventy-nine percent of marketers use LinkedIn as a consistent lead generation channel. If you want your content to stand out, you need LinkedIn Live access. According to LinkedIn, “LinkedIn Live gets, on average, 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than native video produced by the same broadcasters.”

Have you already applied for access? Or are you applying for the first time? In this article, you’re going to learn how to apply and increase your chances of getting approved.

Optimize Your Account Before Applying for LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn launched the ability to go live in 2019. Since then, the application has undergone many iterations. Live video influencers with a huge audience got the first access.

The principles of getting approved are still the same. Be active and showcase your existing videos or live streams from other platforms.

Optimize your account first before applying. This can help increase your chances of getting approved. Here are ways to do that:

1. Upload native videos on your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn doesn’t publish the specific criteria for getting approved. But marketing professionals who already got approved recommend uploading native videos.

You can shoot short videos for LinkedIn or simply trim and repurpose your live streams.

Pro tip: Trim your BeLive broadcast in minutes using its built-in Video Editor. You can even add text on top of the video, so it gets more attention on the news feed. Don’t have BeLive yet? Sign up for a free account here. 

BeLive Video Editor2. Share your live streams from other platforms on your LinkedIn profile

Don’t have time to trim and upload videos? Another option is to share the link of your Facebook Live or YouTube video on LinkedIn. This might not be as effective as a native video, but it’s a good starting point to keep your account active and increase your chance of getting access to LinkedIn Live.

3. Turn on two-step verification

One of the requirements to get approved is to turn on two-step verification. Your application won’t be entertained at all if this is off. You can learn how to turn it on here.

4. Personal or Business Live Streams

One of the questions in the application form is where you want to stream. Are you streaming on your personal profile or a company page?  Add the admins that need access if you’re streaming to a company page.

How to Apply for LinkedIn Live Access

1. Go to this link and fill out this form.

2. Enter an alternate email if necessary.

3. If you already turned on the two-step verification, click “yes.”

4. Enter the URL of your profile or the company page where you want to stream.

5. If you want to go live on a LinkedIn company page, you also need to enter the URL of the other admins that need access.

6. Double-check your entries and click submit. You can’t edit your answers after submitting them.

7. Cross your fingers and hope you get approved. 🙂

How to Check the Status of Your LinkedIn Live Application

You can check the status of your application on the same link where you applied. On the lower right corner of the page, there is a link “Your Open Cases.”

LinkedIn Live Status Application

If the case is open, there is a number associated with it. This means that your application is still being reviewed. If you check again later and it says, “You don’t have any open cases,” your application is most likely not approved. But it’s not a “game over” situation.

Note that LinkedIn usually doesn’t send an email if your application was not approved. But we got reports from a couple of BeLive users who got an email about their application.

LinkedIn Live Decline Message

This message might be a bit disappointing at first. But we can turn it into a win! As you can see, it provides more details about the criteria of approval:

  • Original video content
  • Audience size
  • Good standing of Page Admins

It also lets you know when to apply again: after 60 days. Having a clear and focused plan for the next 60 days is crucial if you want access.

Pro tip: If you uploaded trimmed videos from your live streams and you still didn’t get approved, you can use BeLive’s offline recording feature to create videos specifically for your LinkedIn audience. You can easily add your own logo, overlay, and background. Plus, you can also do offline interviews and upload them on LinkedIn.

What to Do Next If You’re Not Approved

✅Apply again after 60 days.

✅Make sure to add new connections as well and engage with their content.

✅Keep uploading native videos.

Additionally, work on growing your connections and followers. In other words, they look at your audience size and if they are currently engaged with your content. LinkedIn may be trying to ensure you have a great experience once you start going live.

Keep Applying

Applying for LinkedIn Live access seems like a lot of work. However, if it will help you get more leads or establish yourself as an industry leader, it’s definitely worth trying. Keep applying and optimizing your account. One last tip: Follow blogs like this one, so you continue to get the latest tips about LinkedIn Live. 🙂 Read our blog post on how to go live on LinkedIn here once you get approved.

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