Live Show Types You Can Try For Your Business Marketing Strategy
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Live Show Types You Can Try For Your Business Marketing Strategy

What live stream content should you broadcast to boost your business marketing strategy? You may be thinking of a dozen different ideas for your live show but not everything will work for your business. Here’s how you can choose the perfect content for your live broadcast!

Types of Live Stream for Your Business Marketing Plans

People want a successful business but have a limited budget for marketing. That’s why a lot of entrepreneurs are trying out live streaming. Not only does it connect business owners directly with their target audience, but it’s also cost-effective and relatively easy to operationalize.

But what kind of content should you be doing to help your business grow? You need to be extra careful in deciding the type of live show you produce. After all, a successful live broadcast may not necessarily mean success in your business as well. That’s why Owen Video is here to help you make that decision!

Here are the types of shows you can start to maximize your live streaming content for your business.

Interview Show


Interviewing an expert in the field will help establish your business’ credibility. Not only will you be engaging with people familiar with your product or service, but you also get a chance to provide valuable information to others who may be encountering your business for the first time. The audience can get a chance to personally ask the guest questions and get answers in real-time!

It’s the simplest type of live show aside from the basic one-person broadcast or talking head. Some benefits of doing an interview show include:

  • You can invite more than one guest for a split-screen interview. With BeLive, you can add up to 4 people on the screen with the host on audio.
  • You can tap into an entirely new audience. Your guest will also be bringing new viewers to the show, giving you more possible sales leads. At the same time, your guest can become a prospect as well.
  • Interviews are evergreen content. They have long lifespans because they answer people’s questions and concerns. If you add SEO-friendly keywords to your video captions, you’ll have a higher chance to gain more replay views.
  • No need for an elaborate set. You will just need your overlays, lower-thirds, and a strong internet connection to be able pull off a successful split-screen interview.

Live Selling


Businesses selling products like clothes, jewelry, bags, and other goods can still market their products even without a physical store. Take your business marketing plan up a notch with live selling. During the show, the host can highlight each product and interact with possible buyers in the audience.

BeLive’s live shopping feature makes selling online easier. With it, you can display your products with price tags while discussing them on camera.

Here’s what you need to prepare for a live selling show:

  • Your staging area to showcase your products. This requires quite a bit of preparation before the actual live show. You also need to have your actual products on hand when you go live.
  • A sales workflow for purchases made during the show. At the very least, you need to share product links in the comments as well as come up with a delivery system and follow up process for customers who made a purchase during the broadcast.

Product Demos or Workshop


If you have a new product that is unfamiliar to most people, a live product demo would be great live streaming content. You can also use this live show type to introduce new products.

Consider these things if you would like to try a demo or workshop for your next live stream:

  • Like in live selling, you’ll need to prepare a set or a staging area for your workshop. For example, you’ll need to create a flat-lay setup if you’re planning to do an unboxing. You may also need to set up several cameras and angles.
  • Demos are also structured for time, so you should prepare a script or outline beforehand to guide you during the show. The studio’s agenda feature is perfect for this! You can use the agenda feature to write down notes or to highlight the topic to the viewers.
  • You can also use invite guests into the show to better help you with the demo. Interacting and engaging with your audience would still be possible, too.



Unlike demos, tutorials offer more extensive instructions on certain topics. You can use this chance to educate viewers about your business, service, or products.

If you plan to do a tutorial, these points are worth taking note of.

  • Tutorials are highly structured videos that require a lot of visuals. You will need to prepare them extensively beforehand. 
  • You can create presentations and utilize lower-thirds for your audience to get as much value from this live show as possible. BeLive allows you to share your screen, share multimedia items, and flash lower-third texts so that your audience will be able to keep up with you during the tutorial.
  • Tutorials can also be produced into a series for more live streaming content. After the show ends, you can download and repurpose your live videos for other marketing uses.

Watch this BeLive Weekly episode with Owen Video to learn more about which types of live shows would best work for you!

Your live show doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always download and edit your video to use it for other platforms afterwards. It would also be a good idea to have an editor on board, whether you outsource or hire one for your marketing team. This will help improve your social media marketing plans as well as give you more time for other important things.

Which live show type would be a great addition to your business marketing strategy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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