Live Stream Disasters and How to Recover

It happens to the best of us. When you are live, anything and everything can happen and you just need to make the most out of the situation and do your best to turn it around. The question is: HOW DO YOU RECOVER?

If Steve Harvey can turn things around after that debacle at the Miss Universe pageant, anyone can do the same thing. BeLive’s very own host Owen Video and Molly Mahoney who is a Camera Confidence Coach has tips to help you handle live stream disasters and turn it into a learning experience not just for you but for your viewers.

Live stream disasters can actually become your biggest blessing. It teaches you to think on your toes, learn what you need to look out for next time, and to just keep going. When you are doing a live broadcast, you just need to keep on going no matter what.

The beauty of doing a live stream or live broadcast is that you are not predisposed to making things perfect. When you pre-record and watch yourself, the smallest imperfection pushes you to record again and again.

Use the FFTT system

The FFTT system is Face it, Feel it, Twist it, and Thank It.

FACE IT — when a disaster happens, our initial reaction is to ignore it and pretend it did not happen. When you recognize that the disaster happened, we can recover more quickly because our minds will automatically go on survival mode leading it to find ways on how to fix what has happened.

FEEL IT — when we acknowledge what happened, we go through the different emotions that we need to go through to move on from what happened.

TWIST IT — once you acknowledge the disaster, you need to start thinking how you can twist things around. How can you turn a disaster into a learning opportunity?

THANK IT — everything happens for a reason and when you learn to turn things around, it could actually lead to the biggest break or blessing of your career.

When you fail at something, you end up learning something so in the end, you did not fail. You just found a way that does not work. Show off your skills and impress your audience by applying the FFTT system.

Keep testing.

One of the things that you need to have when you do your live stream show is to have the right gear. It doesn’t stop there though because even if you have the right gear, you need to make sure it works and you need to LEARN TO TROUBLESHOOT your own gear.

You need to have a list of troubleshooting tips for your camera, microphone, laptop, internet, and anything else that you use when you go live.

Stay real.

It is when we are faced with disaster while in front of a live audience that we get to show who we truly are. You can curate your feed and be all perky while you are live but when instances like your children suddenly sprouts up behind you while being interviewed live, you have a choice to make. It is only when you know who you really are as a person that you can stay true to your value vs your desire to project the perfect version of you.

Watch the full video below if you would like to get more tips from our very own Live Video Growth Coach, Owen Video.

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