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Live Streaming Trends For 2021 According to Industry Experts

What live streaming trends should you watch out for this year? Live shopping? TikTok? Take a look at what experts think will dominate the live video industry this year!

1. Live Streaming and Live Shopping

Live video isn’t just used for entertainment purposes anymore. It has been utilized as a business growth tool by coaches, retailers, and other entrepreneurs for years now. But because of massive economic changes in 2020, more and more people are now seeing the benefit of going live for business growth.

It’s not a new concept by far. Live selling had already been a thriving market in Asia long before the pandemic happened. Companies already utilizing the tool further boosted their activities to help augment pandemic-driven setbacks. Surprisingly (or maybe not), it gained traction in the western part of the world. Live video technology was improved and integrated into existing platforms.

Facebook partnered with huge e-commerce platforms to launch Facebook Shops. So now, businesses with physical goods can sell their products directly from their live show.

“In 2021, we’ll see a surge in live video coupled with real-time shopping on both Facebook and Instagram,” social media expert Mari Smith said.

More brands will continue to embrace this feature to help boost sales amidst the unpredictability of a global economic crisis. And when they see the merit of live selling, they may choose to not go back to traditional marketing even after everything returns to normal.

Molly-Mahoney-Live-Sales-LinkBeLive foresaw the need for a comprehensive live shopping experience, launching the Live Sales feature even before the pandemic started. Aside from the ability to show the product on screen with the host, users can also send links of their products or service directly to the comments section for easy access to viewers.

2. LinkedIn Live Video

Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram ruled the live streaming industry in the past years.  Another one has joined the fray: LinkedIn Live.

LinkedIn Live streams increased an incredible 158% since February 2020, according to the site. This shows a promising market for professional broadcasts. But since it has just emerged from its beta run, it’s still not widely available to all of its users. Interested streamers will have to apply for access to the feature.

Nevertheless, Voice Your Vibe CEO, Biran Schulman, who’s also a beta adapter of the platform, believes that more people will be expanding their businesses and creating their strategies around live streaming. LinkedIn Live will be giving users a platform for professional live streams to expand their branding and culture as a company.

3. Using Short-Form Videos to Deliver Content

TikTok-live-streaming-trendsShort-form videos like TikTok and Stories cater to the shortened attention span of social media users. It took the digital world by storm in 2020 and will continue to do so in 2021 with a probable increase in duration to accommodate better content.

“As every-day users become ever-more comfortable broadcasting on video, the duration of content will get longer, as is already anticipated by TikTok who are apparently already testing three-minute videos,” says Sarah Penny, Influencer Intelligence’s Head of Content.

Live streamers will go live to discuss a topic or address pain points. Afterward, a short clip from that broadcast will be carefully chosen, edited, and published on TikTok, Facebook Stories, or Instagram Reels with links to the original video in the caption. Short videos can also be done to promote an upcoming broadcast with a longer duration.

YouTube is testing a beta version of Shorts in India, which is essentially similar to TikTok as well. This move by the video streaming giant validates the public’s demand for short video consumption.

Online video editing apps will make this easier to do. For example, with BeLive’s Video Editor, streamers get access to their completed live video for editing without having to download the entire thing. They can also add their own branding and text for posting on other platforms.

4. Creating a Live Video Strategy

Creating strategies for live video content will be considered an essential part of any digital marketing process. Experts believe more people will see the value that live video has to offer for their brands.

“Now that going live to various social platforms is commonplace, and the use of tools to create professional-looking productions widely available and affordable, more brands will see the value in determining a real strategy for live video,” said Blogger Mike Allton

5. Going Live on Mobile

live-streaming-trends-mobileGoing live using a cellphone has now become a necessity since almost everyone owns at least one smartphone. It’s also easier to start, join, and watch broadcasts anywhere using a phone.

Facebook, YouTube, and even Instagram have already adapted mobile live streaming capabilities. Other third-party apps are well on their way to developing the same with more customization features.

6. More Authentic Audience Interactions

Customers bestow their loyalty to a product or business they can trust and rely on. And live streams facilitate that.

live streaming trendsBeLive’s own CEO and co-founder, Daniel Mayer’s main mission in creating the live streaming tool is to establish meaningful connections between content creators and their audiences. That being said, hosts get the chance to establish authenticity with their target audience through engaging live broadcasts.

“Even as countries gradually return to routine, livestreaming will continue to offer these same benefits to retailers — transforming what for many was a makeshift experiment into a permanent engagement tactic.”

Many people and businesses may have started dipping their toes in the water, but it’s only a matter of time until they realize the true value of live streaming for their brand.

What live streaming trends have you already started? Which ones are you planning to incorporate into your content? Share your thoughts in the comments section blow.

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