LiveCon 2019 Day 2: Be CONnected and Build Relationships

LiveCon Day 2

The second day of our LiveCon 2019, titled “Be CONnected,” is all about creating deep and lasting relationships with your community.

This day’s afternoon panelists, still facilitated by Leslie Lauten Williams, can help you clear up misconceptions on how you can connect with your audience through live streaming. 

1. How ManyChat Used BeLive to Get Leads

As the leading Facebook Messenger bot platform, ManyChat shared how BeLive helped them promote their Conversations Conference. ManyChat’s Head of Content Fara Rosenzweig and Head of Video Production Max Gibbons, share on LiveCon how BeLive helped them in:

  1. Creating personalized and immediate conversations with experts and their community
  2. Using BeLive along with ManyChat to maximize their features through Facebook Live
  3. Encouraging people to engage in the live shows and respond to them with keywords that allow their bots to in turn capture them as leads
  4. Creating live content and announcements as event reminders
  5. Initiate exchanges with fans to build trust within the community

2. Why Nurturing Your Audience is Key

Alicia Couri and Szebastian Onne G. S. of Dreamaniac honed in on the importance of taking care of your audience and making them feel special and cared for. The two pointed out that it doesn’t matter if you have the greatest content. If you don’t make a connection with your audience, no one is going to watch. 

They also shared important tips on how you can nurture your audience before, during, and after your live show:

  • Promote your live shows ahead of time, at least a couple of hours prior.
  • Invite people into your live show before it happens.
  • Ask questions before the show to get a feel of what the audience wants to know.
  • During the live stream, don’t forget to respond to your audience.
  • Call them out by their names as best as you can.
  • Talk to your audience and ask them questions about their day or where they came from.
  • Read their comments as they come during the show.
  • Once the show is done, ask questions again to make sure they got something relevant from your show.

3. How BeLive Helps Change Direct Selling

As what business coach and Direct to Success founder Minessa Konecky discussed with her panel of direct sellers and social media experts, live streaming technologies helped them create that same close connection with their customers. Just like in the traditional direct selling model.

They also elaborated on ways on how live streaming, with the help of BeLive, can transform direct selling:

  • It can open many opportunities for you to sell and be heard.
  • You can now meet and interact with other people without leaving your house.
  • You can maximize social media as a dynamic selling tool.
  • You can get a professional production level of show without spending tons of money.
  • You can let your personality and unique brand shine.
  • You can have meaningful connections with your audience.

Minessa’s segment also highlighted BeLive’s Shopping Live feature which was designed specifically for sellers.

4. The Secret to Skyrocketing Reach

Facebook Specialists Adaire Palmer and Theonie Roussianos of had a stunning 55k reach on their page of only 1600 fans. How did they do it? These women share their secret—they used BeLive.

They also shared the valuable BeLive features that add more versatility to their shows, which included: 

  1. Having more than two people on screen at a time
  2. Capability for speakers to talk over each other, which can make the show more candid
  3. More flexibility on how to change the focus of the video through layouts
  4. More options for customization and branding

Be CONnected with BeLive

As Alicia put it, “If you’re not doing it for your audience, then what’s the point?”

Knowing your audience, caring for them, and growing them. These are all essential aspects that help set you up for success in live streaming. No matter what your business or industry is, creating your community and having meaningful, personalized interactions with them is important–and BeLive lets you do just that and more.

You want the full video of the afternoon session of LiveCon 2019 Day Two? Watch it on Facebook.

You may also watch the morning and afternoon sessions on YouTube.

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