LiveCon 2019 Day 3 Be CONsistent with Your Steady Stream of Content

LiveCon Day 3

How can you be consistently present for your audience? Should you always be churning out content regularly?

On the afternoon session of LiveCon 2019 Day Three, we are answering these questions and more. With our set of expert panelists, we are exploring ways on how you can be consistent with your content. We’re also shedding light on the many ways you can make the most out of your content for maximum exposure across as many platforms as possible.


Repurposing Your Content to Reach All Your Audience in Different Platforms

Krissy Buck talks about how you can repurpose your live video to make the most of it across all platforms. As the Chief Community Officer of QuiCC, Krissy urges users to produce a steady and consistent release of content to allow your community to know you better. She also shared these key takeaways on how to succeed at repurposing content:

  • Focus on your message
  • Celebrate small victories with your audience
  • Remember to bring something that speaks to your community
  • Capitalize on micro-content across all channels
  • Be willing to be on multiple platforms
  • Repurpose your content so your audience won’t miss out on their favorite platforms
  • Enjoy what you are doing and people will resonate wherever they are.


Easily Get Consistent Content and More Exposure

Hani Mourra, Owner and Founder of and Yong Pratt of Podcast Ninja are showing how tools like BeLive help make creating and repurposing live content so much easier.

Hani and Yong tackle how you can turn a single live show into multiple contents across different channels. Using, you can maximize your exposure on different platforms without spending hours reformatting your content to fit different requirements. This automation platform allows you to create unlimited and custom workflows so you can decide how and where you want to publish your content.

The benefits of repurposing your content through, include:

  • Get more visibility
  • Increase your exposure and reach exponentially
  • Automatically reformat your content without losing content quality
  • Instantly pull audio from your content to create podcasts
  • Automates repurposing of content to save you time, money and energy

The Importance of Securing a Trademark for Your Brand or Business

What should content creators know about trademarks? In this segment, Joey Vitale, Owner and Founder of Indie Law, shares what’s good, bad, and amazing about trademarks.

According to Joey, once professionals and businesses create their brand or company name, they automatically have trademark rights. However, these are weak and limited. This is why registering for a trademark should be a priority.

He goes on to discuss the four mistakes that content creators make when it comes to trademarks.

  1. You’re missing what’s in front of you. Since you already have trademark rights when you create your name and logo, you need to protect that right.
  2. You have a trademark, but not a registration. A registration is like a fence protecting your home, which is your trademark. A registration is “proof of first use” which is like how a birth certificate works, but for your brand.
  3. You don’t look before you leap. Make sure you don’t infringe on other’s trademark rights when you’re thinking of a business name.
  4. You don’t take action. You may be one of those who procrastinate on getting a registered trademark. The cost of this could be much too high for our business in the long run.

Want to watch the full afternoon live show? Watch it on Facebook here. You may also watch this as well as the morning session on YouTube.


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