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Meet Kary Oberbrunner!

Based out of Columbus, Ohio, Kary Oberbrunner is a well-known author, coach, and speaker. He is also the publisher at Author Academy Elite, a global writing, publishing, and marketing company which publishes for over 400 authors from all parts of the world. Kary and his team started using BeLive in August of 2017, and during just the trial period, earned a crazy number in sales! As stated by Kary, “our launch earned $182,000 in sales. We had, I think, viewers from about a dozen different countries.”

After messing around with Facebook Live and other platforms like Zoom and GoToWebinar, Kary came across BeLive. “The biggest deciding factor for using BeLive was all the different features offered.” Being able to schedule, having a green room where your guests can wait and chat, an agenda, pop-up comments during the broadcast, and especially talk-show mode are all functions Kary specifically touched upon during our interview that made his BeLive decision the best for his business. Being able to bring on previous students who shared their success stories from his publishing program on the talk-show feature demonstrated credibility to what Kary is selling, making more people want to buy it.

Another point that was touched upon in our interview was the fact that even after your broadcast is done, you can have the video to rewatch and post places in order to be used for additional marketing. It plays a huge role in potential authors’ decision, accessing information for others to see after the fact, in case people missed it makes it easier to reference it in a effective and efficient manner.

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