Record an Offline Video with BeLive

You’re ready to jump in and go live to promote your business and boost your revenue. You’ve connected your camera, but you can’t seem to hit the “Go Live” button.

No worries! While going live is really just like talking to your friends, we can understand how it can be overwhelming for some people.

That’s why at BeLive, we recently released the ability to record offline, so you can take your time to practice offline first.

Here are other reasons why Offline Recording is awesome with BeLive:


Practice Offline

Practice offline while preparing to live stream. If you want to start live streaming using BeLive but you’re not ready to go live yet, you can use the offline recording to practice. If you like how the video turned out, you can always upload it on Facebook, YouTube, or any of your favourite social media platforms.

Record short announcements or tutorials without editing post-production

Using BeLive’s screenshare, you can record a short tutorial or announcement for your community. Your video will already include all your branding: logo, brand colors, frame, and overlay. It’s like you are editing your video on the go. No need to spend time in editing post-production. Just record, download your video from BeLive, and then share it everywhere to promote your stream or to share an important notice.

Interview guests offline

You finally booked the most awesome guest for your show, but the schedule to go live is a bit challenging. Now, you can interview guests offline and then publish the video at a later time.


How It Works

  • Sign up for a BeLive account if you haven’t yet.
  • Open the Studio and choose your destination. Instead of Facebook, choose “Offline Recording.”
  • Click “Record.”
  • Start your video. You can use all the features. Share your screen, invite guests, and brand your video using your own logo, overlay, and colors.
  • Stop recording.
  • Go to My Profile by clicking your photo on the upper right corner.
  • Click “My Streams.”Download Broadcast from BeLive
  • Download your offline recording. It takes around 30 minutes or less for BeLive to process the recording. Generally, it will depend on the size of your video. Note that HD Download is available!
  • Bonus: You can also just download the audio file if you want to turn it into an audio podcast! 



Our moderators, Adaire and Theonie, shares:

I’m thinking instead of Zoom for 1-1 coaching and training – see I’ve got the frames there easily
🌟 if you’re doing pre-recorded training that you are wanting to upload to units in Facebook or even a platform like Kajabi etc – this is brilliant!
🌟Thank you Be.Live!

Live streaming can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. BeLive makes it super easy for you! But with offline recording, it’s even easier and you can create more content for your community in the most beautiful and efficient way.

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  1. It creates a great level of versatility in how we can produce and publish our Livestreams. I just love the Studio2.

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