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11 Ways to Repurpose Your Live Show Recording for Incredible Reach

*Update: You can now repurpose your live show recording with BeLive Video Editor! Cut and trim your broadcast right in the studio and download shorter clips for reposting on other platforms.


Do you know what to do with your live show after the red light stops? Here’s how you can repurpose live shows to improve your reach!

Why the Need to Go Live

Live streams of all sorts are hijacking the digital space and there are good reasons for that.

Live video broadcasts are:

  • Easily accessible: a smartphone coupled with a stable internet connection – that’s all you need to go on air or watch one’s live show. Both are quite easy to get
  • Remote: you don’t need to go anywhere to absorb the information delivered via live videos
  • Real-time: people like live streams because they happen right here right now and feel so genuine. You can interact, ask questions and share feedback with no delay
  • Personal: live format creates this special feeling of belongingness. It’s like meeting your friends in the usual real-life context

These facts vanish boundaries away and bring people together regardless of any physical obstacles.

1. Live videos

As for businesses, they are not new to live videos per se. Webinars have been a powerful marketing tool for quite a while already. Live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and Instagram have also been adapted by brands for promotional purposes.

80% of respondents said they’d prefer watching live video content from a brand than reading a blog.

The Power Of Live Video Streaming For Public Relations And Marketing

This figure is taken from a survey dated 2018. But the year of 2020 has changed it all. The need to operate remotely gave the live-streaming market a tremendous impetus for growth.

Due to the global circumstances we witness today, the demand for live broadcasts is booming and this format becomes ubiquitous.

Live video streams come in many forms:

You can use a special streaming software to broadcast to several channels or go native on a particular platform. You can broadcast from a desktop or mobile. Do it from a fancy equipped studio or from your living room.

But there is one thing that all live videos have in common: all live streams can be recorded.

You might be surprised to learn about the promotional potential of that recording.

Today, we’ll talk about 11 ways to transform your live show recording and turn it into a whole range of multi-format content pieces.

Before the Show

Before you hit the “go live” button, let’s talk about some highly useful pre-arrangements that will make it easier for you to repurpose the recording afterward.

Know the Subject

Don’t go live just because you can. Being a business or expert, you should produce the content to add value: educate, inform, or entertain.

Plan Your Presentation

Yes, live shows are all about being natural and spontaneous. But to keep people interested and deliver your ideas better, your show needs a structure. Here’re some tips:

  • Carefully plan the intro part. The way you start the broadcast is decisive, so you’d better even have a script
  • If you are going to invite guest speakers, make sure to send them a brief and some questions beforehand
  • Prepare some slides or visuals to empower your message and make it memorable for visual learners. Plus, you’ll need them later on for repurposing.

Set Up and Test Your Hard- and Software

67% of viewers say quality is the most important factor when watching a livestream.


Unexpected things tend to happen during live shows. That’s just the nature of this format, so you have to embrace what’s out of your control.

Like the meteorologist Jeff Lyons did. Following the self-isolation rules, he set up a studio at home to go live for weather forecasts. His cat Betty was not aware and bombed his live video. Of course, they became internet stars.

Though this story has a happy ending, you’d better minimize the volume of uncertainty. For this, get reliable ware and test it beforehand.

Promote Your Live Show

If you don’t want to end being alone in the online conference room, promote your broadcast in advance.

Make sure that your audience is aware of

  • what you’ll be talking about,
  • why it’s important,
  • where to watch the show.

Get Yourself Ready and Run a Few Rehearsals

Let’s take it. Far not all of us are comfortable about being on the camera.

The recipe is simple: more practice, less perfectionism.

To look and sound confident in front of the camera, do some special exercises for public speaking and talk through your presentation a few times.

During the Show

Well, we won’t stop here for long. With live videos, too many things depend on your experience, audience, industry, platform, and what else.

Thus, there is only one tip that I would give you now that is valid for everyone.


Put a sticky note on your laptop. Seriously.

After the Show

Whew! That’s already a lot, isn’t it? But once the show is over, you can’t call it a day.

Regardless of the industry and topic, smart distribution of the recording can amplify the reach and impact of your content and enlarge the target audience.

Here’s when repurposing tactics come into play.

Repurpose video content

In general, there are two types of how can recycle your live video recording:

  1. Make more visual assets out of that video
  2. Convert it to other forms of content

Make More Visual Assets Out of Your Master Video

Leverage the Grid View

Take a screenshot of yourself and your guests and use it on social channels to introduce the speakers.

Bonus tip:

This tactic is also good for the meet-the-team posts when the social distancing rules are there. Behind-the-scenes shots are very popular among social media audiences. Team calls are what we have today for it.

4. Behind-the-scene


Mix the Best Moments

Do a mash-up from several catchy or funny moments and turn them into a teaser.

Bonus tip:

Typically, there are some backstage frames that you would want to trim out. But wait! Mix in some self-irony and share those moments with your followers!

Backstage imperfection is what people love the most about live videos, and bloopers are the favorite part.

Highlight the Key Concepts

Cut out a valuable piece of your speech like a pro-tip or an expert opinion and post it in your feed. You can create a dozen of these 1-minute videos out of one recording. Isn’t it awesome?

Bonus tip: caption your videos to make it through the silent mode. People won’t consume these extracts the same way your live show viewers did.

Use Presentation Slides as Visuals

If you were showing some charts or slides during the live show, these assets could also serve as visuals for your social channels.

Make Video Quotes

Pick the best sayings from your live show and create video quotes.

These short videos are made from two simple components:

  • Plain background
  • Animated text

To speed up, you can grab and use special templates for video quotes inside editor.

This format works great when you have guest speakers or do live interviews. Your guests will be happy to see such quotes and are likely to repost them.

5. Quote_live show

Don’t Let the Comments Go for Nothing

Live shows are meant to be interactive, that’s why people love them, right?

Questions and comments are flying around during the broadcast showing high audience engagement. Emojis, exclamations, virtual kudos, and wow’s!

Just take a screenshot and show others how much people are excited about your live shows.

6. Comments_live show


Turn Video Fragment into a GIF

Grab a funny moment of you speaking emotionally and turn it into a GIF.

Use in a social media feed, or as a video thumbnail in your email.

7. Late night show


Convert video recording to another format

Create a Blog Post

Of course, video format plays a pivotal role on the content marketing scene. But we all know it – keeping all eggs in one basket is not a good idea.

To get more eyes on your message, give it multiple forms. For instance, turn your live event recording into a blog post. This will better serve those who prefer reading over watching.

  • Create a transcription of your recording using services like Otter
  • Use the raw text as a draft of your future blog post
  • Give it a structure, remove the excess and add images
  • Remember to embed the video recording on your blog 

Bonus Tip

At the planning stage, think strategically and pick up a key phrase for your future campaign. Keep it in mind during the live show and spend time talking particularly about this topic. As an aftereffect, you’ll get an SEO-friendly article on your blog.

Embed the Recording on a Video Landing Page

It’s sort of a bias that product videos on the landing pages should be pro-made, polished, and fancy.

Let’s say your live event was about some long-awaited product updates and its benefits. Or maybe you asked your guest for an on-the-spot testimonial?

Why not place that genuine video on your landing page? It’s another cost-effective way to reuse your live video recording.

8. Video on a landing page

Share via Email

The oldest among digital, email marketing is still one of the most lucrative marketers’ tools.

According to Campaign Monitor, videos have a great impact on email performance:

  • Boost open rates by 19%.
  • Boost click-through rates by 65%.
  • Reduce unsubscribes by 26

Sharing your live video recording with your email list is a great idea, but how will they know that there is a video inside? Add it to your subject line. For example:

  • [VIDEO] ICYMI: Three ways to solve…
  • [Webinar recording] How you can achieve…
  • X major trends for 2020 (video inside)

Put Together a Video Playlist

The way you keep your recordings also matters. If you’ve already made a few live events, it’s a good idea to sort them out by topic or some other criteria and them into playlists.

Be it YouTube, Facebook, or some other video platform, there are ways to store your videos nicely.

Also, you can create another blog post and embed 3-4 videos on a certain topic. This way, you’ll get a structured and engaging piece of content using multiple formats. Something that Google loves.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you got impressed and excited about how useful your live show recording can be. You can start small and pick 2-3 options for your next live show. I’m sure the results will motivate you to move forward. Go live and smile. And happy repurposing!


Planning to go live to expand your reach? Sign up with BeLive here!


Mary Kosukhina


Editor’s Note: This guest post was written by Mary Kosukhina, Content Marketing Manager at She’s a video marketing enthusiast, content repurposing evangelist, and a cheesecake ambassador.

Learn more about repurposing your live streams from here


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