Repurposing Content on YouTube

Repurposing Content On YouTube (What To Use and Why)

*Update: You can now repurpose your live show recording with BeLive Video Editor! Cut and trim your broadcast right in the studio and download shorter clips for reposting on other platforms.


Videos on YouTube are searchable on Google, unlike other social media videos. Knowing what to put on YouTube is incredibly important because it can lead to being found by new clients.

While you should be creating YouTube-specific content, you should also be repurposing some of the other video content you are creating!


What To Repurpose

You’re already using videos on your social media…why not repurpose them to YouTube?

Social Media Videos

If you have videos you’ve created for Facebook, your Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, or IGTV, you can use most of these on YouTube as well. As long as it applies to the viewership you’re growing on YouTube, you should be repurposing and optimizing those videos for YouTube as well.


Facebook Lives

You’ve spent time creating quality content to interact with your Facebook viewers live—there’s a pretty good chance this will translate well to YouTube too! Any footage that has a specific flow to it can be shared on YouTube. If, however, your Facebook live was specifically to hang out with your fans and doesn’t hold any value aside from socialization, we recommend you let that content live specifically and exclusively on your Facebook page. Remember, YouTube is an educational and entertainment-based platform, so if people feel like you’re wasting their time with a video that doesn’t have a purpose for them, they might walk away.

Pro tip: you can pull your Facebook Live footage direct from Facebook, or pull the HD version direct from BeLive’s dashboard.


Instagram Lives

The same rules apply to Instagram Live as Facebook. If it holds value to your viewers, repurpose it on YouTube, but if it was just for the sake of socialization, you probably don’t need to repurpose that content.

Instagram videos, unlike Facebook Lives, only live on the platform for 24 hours. You can save it directly to your phone after your broadcast, but it won’t capturer the comments. You won’t be allowed to save it if you have guests on with you.

You can screen record your broadcast while recording if you are solo on your Live, but if you have a guest, connecting a cord to screen record could prevent you from being able to hear your guest. In this case, you can screen record your video after your Live is over—just be nearby to swipe away any notifications that pop up while screen recording in case you don’t want them seen by the world.


Optimizing Your Repurposed Content

When repurposing your content, don’t forget to optimize it for YouTube.

Using cards and end screens and creating a valuable caption will help you to be found easier, faster, and encourage viewers to watch other videos you offer.

Building out your YouTube channel by repurposing your content and creating new, YouTube-specific content aren’t the only things that will help you grow and be found when people start searching the topics you’re speaking on. The very first thing people notice on when deciding on which video to watch is your title—if you haven’t optimized it for searches, you might not be clicked as often. Also, remember about card and end-screens to build traction.


Next Step

Once you have your videos ready, you need to frame them in a way that gets people to click on them. In the next video, we’re going to be breaking down everything you need to know about creating a click-worthy title.


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Editor’s note: This post was originally published on September 26, 2019 and has been edited for new updates.

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