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Social Media Strategies That Lead To Sales

As a business owner, have you considered creating social media strategies to help you grow your sales? Have you tried going on a live stream to promote your products or services? Let me share with you why live streaming is one of the best marketing strategies for your business to gain more sales.

Social Media Marketing Plans Your Business Will Benefit From

A lot of small and medium business owners go into live streaming to let people know about their amazing products or service. After all, live streaming helps potential customers see your brand’s authenticity and allows you to tell a story which makes your brand more relatable. However, live streaming alone will not lead you to closing that sale, no matter how consistent you are at it! You need a concrete marketing plan to maximize the sales potential of those videos.

You need the help of social media, so here are a few tips from one of our Facebook shows called 10 social media strategies that lead to sales.

Posting and Praying

If you simply post something online and then pray that it becomes viral or generates money is definitely NOT the way to go. You need to come up with a strategy on how you can reach more people and how to get people to share your content. Posting something about your business or product, it generates a little bit of curiosity and a few inquiries but it does not lead to a sale.

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You need to remember that you need to be more specific when you post. You need to reach out to an individual by tagging people that you think may be interested, may benefit from your product or service, or may want to know more.

You can’t just tag people nilly willy. You need to be goal oriented and specific when you do this. Do not leave anything to chance, make it a possible choice.

Message Message Message

This is where real conversations happen and where the magic begins. Send a personalized message explaining what your business is about and why it matters to the person you are messaging. As much as automation rocks, avoid using bots at the first touch point. People want to  feel valued, not just part of a mailing list.

If you haven’t spoken to someone for quite some time, do not start with the sale. The intention is to build a connection first and the sale comes later on. The other benefit of messaging is that once someone interacts with you via messenger, you will appear on their timeline more frequently giving them a chance to get to know you more.

Send an Audio File

It could be a birthday, anniversary, holiday or what not but instead of sending in the standard greeting, send an audio clip singing happy birthday or greeting them. This sets you apart from everyone else and you automatically build a positive relationship.

The goal is to make the person feel good about their day which would lead them to messaging you back. This will then allow you to have a foothold inside the door and allow you to have an opening in a few days time to start talking to the person.

This is more than just a social media strategy. It’s a way for you to engage with your clients more deeply.

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By establishing a deeper relationship, these people will be more inclined to talk to you next time and remind them of the good feeling that they have when they see your name on messenger.

Good vibes = better chance of actually listening to what you have to offer next time.

Do You Remember?

If you are on Facebook (and you should be as a small business owner) make sure that you visit your Memories on this Day and scroll through things you posted or things that you have been tagged at in the past. When you see something that is still interesting, relatable, or funny, make sure that is set to public, then hit the reaction button.

What happens is that this photo or video will organically pop up again on your friends feed and it jogs their memory. You could also comment on that photo or video so that other people can see it again and when someone reacts, then it will be repurposed again and again.

By reacting to old posts, you’ll be able to capture your followers’ interest without spamming them with multiple posts of the same thing.

This also gives you the chance to very subtly show people how much you have grown and improved as a business, person, or key person in your industry. It’s so simple but it really works.

Love Your Own

When you post something on your business page, make sure that you react to it as well. You need to support and love your own post. You need to do this to make things happen especially if you posted something really good but may have done so at the wrong time and no one noticed it.

Give yourself a heart or the appropriate reaction. You get to repurpose your content with zero cost and give the chance to other people to see it who may not have noticed it the first time around.

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If you have a business and want the social media world to notice it or if you have a live stream show and want to close more sales for your business (who doesn’t?) then you need to apply these 5 social media strategies.

Learn more social media plans to follow by watching the video below!

You could also read up on how you can sell products on Facebook LIVE or if you would like to learn more tips, join our online community consisting of 20k+ content creators and business owners who are using BeLive!

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally posted on April 30, 2019, and has been republished with updates and edited for quality.

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