Studio2 Upgrades That Empower Show Guests

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With BeLive’s new Studio2 upgrades, your show’s guests will love the platform more than ever!

Guests now have more tools and advantages than ever with the Studio2 upgrades, from screen sharing to the ability to mute themselves while on air.


Guests Handle Their Own Audio

One of the most requested features from guests has been the ability to mute themselves should something come up while on air. As host of several shows, it has been such a relief to be able to offer my guest stars the ability to manage their own audio should a child, pet, or spouse walk into the room while we’re on air.

“As a co-hosty on Young Adult Edition, it’s wonderful having the ability to mute. Interruptions happen when you’re live especially when you have young kids or dogs.”-Elle Beaumont, Young Adult Edition co-host

My guests have found it especially helpful if they have a cold and need to cough or sneeze while on camera. Now, they can mute themselves, lean off camera, and all the audience knows is that they leaned out of screen for a moment without having a coughing fit disrupt the flow of the show.



Screen Sharing For All

Now that we have the ability to allow all guests on the show to be presenters and screen share, we no longer need to wait for the host to pull up their screen and wait to be directed by the presenter. Each speaker has the ability to click through their own screen and explain it in real time.


“As an author who does a lot of live interviews, I love that I can share my screen even though I’m not the producer on the show. Not having to wait for or guide the producer to talk tot he audience about what they’re seeing on screen is so helpful and has given me the ability to share even more with viewers and fans!”-Amber R. Duell, author


The technology is a easy as clicking a button to screen share, enabling guests to extend the reach of what they’re doing without having to rely on the host, can easily backtrack in their presentation during the question and answer time if viewers need to see something again, and gives full control to the presenter to move at the speed they wish to present at.



Host Chat and Main Chat

Guests now have the ability to switch between the main chat and host chat on the side of their screen. Watching the main chat with all of the viewer comments coming in can be overwhelming and distracting to some, so being able to hide it is incredibly helpful, and also allows for guests to keep a close eye on the host chat should they need behind the scenes communication.

I often tell my guests to switch it to host chat so I can moderate the incoming viewer comments without guests seeing a comment and jumping in to answer it in the middle of another answer and they appreciate the ability to not accidentally act as moderator.


Easy Technology


The technology could not be easier for guests to use. They simply click a link—which is now always the same, making it much easier for regular guests to join you instead of having a unique link for each individual show—activate their cameras and microphones, and they’re ready to broadcast with you.

“I’ve done a lot of guest spots and technical requirements can be a lot. But BeLive’s Studio2 makes things painless. I just click and link and that’s it. I highly recommend it.” –Dana Fraedrich, author


Guest Love Studio2

As host of several weekly shows, I can confidently say all of my reoccurring guests who tried both the original and Studio2 updates have said Studio2 is worlds better than the original. As host, it’s made my job of preparing guests so much easier and made their time with me much more enjoyable, which helps me to get other guests on the show.


If you haven’t checked out Studio2 yet, I highly recommend it, if not for the fabulous new features, than for the experience you give your show guests when they join you!




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