Take Your Holiday Live Shows to the Next Level with This Amazing Tool that Works with BeLive

Do you want to get more people to watch your show? Do you want to create more engagement? Do you want to add something more festive this holiday season?

If you are always finding new ways to make your live stream more interesting, here is something that you can do that you may have not thought of.

When Joel of Joel Comm did a show featuring Santa Claus, we were blown away.

The show gathered a lot of buzz and we were compelled to reach out to the man behind the show to find out how Santa Claus ended up on a live stream with

The man behind the show is actually Joel Comm, who is also one of BeLive’s weekly hosts. He has been Santa, Frosty and other characters which has led a lot of people asking, “how does he do it?”

This is what Joel really looks like when he’s not being Santa or Frosty.

Joel uses an app called FaceRig which you can purchase for $14.95 via desktop and it works well with BeLive so that you can have a more fun live show.

Some of the different avatars that you can use.

You can also tweak the characters so it looks a bit more like you or a character on a book you may be talking about. If you review music on your show, you can also tweak your avatar to look like someone listening to music which could add more fun while you’re doing your live show. By the way, make sure that your music isn’t copyrighted.

The green part on the right window is where you can find options

There are many reasons to use FaceRig when streaming. You can add more value and make your show interesting. If you are the shy type but have always wanted to live stream, this also allows you to go online without showing your face. As Joel said:

“Whatever allows a person to push the button and go live.”

Do note that this functionality is not a part of BeLive. It is simply another tool that can work with BeLive and helps to make your shows more entertaining.

You can also watch the whole show below to see firsthand how Joel uses FaceRig for his cute characters.



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