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The Five Love Languages of Social Media

Can social media engagement sustain people’s needs to interact with other human beings? Here are five ways people continue to engage with loved-ones and customers even without face-to-face interactions through Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites.

Showing Your Love Through Social Media

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Have you heard about the Five Love Languages of Social Media?

In today’s world where the pandemic is rising, it’s hard to be away from friends or loved ones. And it’s even harder to show them your love. Fortunately, technology allows us to continue connecting with other people even when we’re restricted from seeing them face-to-face.

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Nothing beats face-to-face interaction. That’s why one of the best gifts of technology is social media. It’s here to help us stay connected.

Not only is social media helping friends, families and loved ones stay connected but it has helped numerous industries continue their operations. Many are building small businesses nowadays, others are continuously growing their companies. It has also opened doors of opportunities for churches to reach out to more people, public figures to connect with their fans, and musicians and artists to continue to inspire and do their gigs online to entertain the audience.

Let’s jump into the five love languages on how you can continue to show your love to your family, friends, customers, and potential clients by engaging through social media.


Acts of Tagging or Mentions

There is always that automatic response to us humans when we see that we are tagged in a certain post or event on social media. We get excited about what it could be. It can be a Facebook memory where you shared moments together.

Acts of Tagging or Mentions in social media is a great way of letting other people know that you remember them and it gives the unspoken language of “I miss you.” Knowing that we are remembered especially in a time like this is truly a rewarding feeling.

Not only is it effective with your friends or loved ones, but it’s also effective when you are starting out an online business. After your customer purchases a product or service from you, one way of thanking them is by tagging them in a post along with the product or service that they purchased from you. This type of social media engagement can help bolster a business’ relationship with their clients despite how simple it is. There are so many other ways on how acts of tagging or mentions can help build relationships and businesses.

Liking on Posts

This can also be referred to as Receiving Gifts. When you like a person’s post it feels like you are giving them a gift — the gift of appreciation. Especially when the person who liked your post is someone who you haven’t talked to for a while now.

Plus, Facebook rolled out the care emoji which addresses the need for people whose love language is physical touch. Even if it’s digital for now, it still sends a warm message to those who receive it. For businesses, seeing the likes on their posts gives them the opportunity to know their customers more and figure out which social media posts appeal most to them.



In our world today, we can never control the negative feedback that surrounds us but we can always type and share positive words on social media. This can also be referred to the love language, Words of Affirmation.

Whether it’s a picture, a Facebook post,  or just a random thought shared for the day, comments can make a huge impact.

Comments are also important for those who run online businesses. Reading the comments of their customers or potential clients leads them towards the next step for their goals. It’s also an opportunity for business to interact, engage, and respond in a way that helps retain loyal customers.

Facebook Messenger

Whether it’s a group chat or personal message, it’s the Quality Time given that matters. For messages, it will always depict that eagerness for a person to read the message. The one on one, 24/7 personal interaction will always be there for you to keep.

Again, it’s a quick way to connect and build authentic relationships, whether it’s for personal, work, or business use. That is why chatbots are awesome, real-time tools in building your client base and at the same time informing your audience what’s new with your product or service!

Live Streaming

Last but not least is Live Streaming.

At the beginning of this blog post, I mentioned that nothing beats face-to-face interaction and with the enhancements of technology, live streaming has become the greatest gift to everyone in social media.

Live streaming is able to cover all the five love languages of us humans. Since most of us can’t have real, face-to-face interactions, live streaming gives us that sense of belongingness. You will feel connected even if you are miles away from each other.

In the early days, video calls existed and we are so hyped and thankful for it. With live streaming, the authenticity and real-life situations that are happening in the background is what makes it win. Whatever happens live, stays live! Not only does it help you stay connected,  but it also helps build trust.

It’s also very accessible. What makes live streaming so essential nowadays is that you can always go back and watch the replay.

Live streaming can be explored in multiple ways.

  • One is the type of show. Who would ever thought that Interviews and Talks Shows can be done online? Now you can build your very own studio just inside the comforts of your home and start building your online presence.
  • Live streams can also be customized. You can add frames, create customized branding colors, place comments on screen, share your screen, bring in guests and so much more. Tutorials, How to’s and Live Shopping are also some of the hottest live streams seen on the web today.

Churches, public figures, artists and musicians, big and small companies, and a whole lot of industries are into live streaming not only because it has helped increase their followers or sales but because it delivers an unscripted message live that people love to hear and engage with.

There you have it! How amazing and powerful are these five love languages! Which among these love languages are you already doing and which ones are you planning to try out next?

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